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This is everything your travel laundry kit needs

Traveling can be tons of fun. However, in many cases, your options are limited when it comes time to do your laundry. That’s why every traveler ought to have a travel laundry kit. They’re incredibly useful and can save you an immense amount of effort. Seriously, you don’t want to be caught in Thailand trying to find the items that normally come in a laundry kit when you could purchase the thing before your flight!

Think about it. Most people put considerable thought into packing the stuff they want to take on a trip, but less so when it comes to how they’re going to get laundry done. In the article below, we’ve put together some ideas about how you can do your laundry when traveling at home and abroad.

How should you wash your clothes when traveling?

There are a few different ways you can do your laundry when on a trip. Much depends on your budget, the country you’re traveling in, and your overall travel style.

Use the services of a hotel

Why not do your laundry while staying at a hotel once you reach your destination? Many provide laundry and dry cleaning services, so you should definitely ask. If the hotel offers these services, you should find a form in your hotel room along with a laundry bag.

Simply place dirty clothes in the laundry bag and fill out the form, which notifies hotel staff about what you want to be done. Pay attention to any fees listed on the form before filling it out, though! Finally, keep in mind that having the hotel do your laundry can be pricey. It’s definitely the most expensive way to get your clothes clean while traveling.

Wash your laundry in the hotel’s bathtub

In case you don’t feel like spending your hard-earned cash on hotel laundry services, you can do it yourself. If you have to wash clothes while traveling all by yourself, you could do much worse. Believe us; it’s not the end of the world if you have to do your laundry in your hotel room’s bathtub or sink.

However, it’s precisely in a situation like this where travel laundry kits come in handy. Each one ought to have the essentials, such as:

  • A laundry bag
  • A clothesline
  • A waterproof bag
  • Travel-sized stain remover
  • Mini laundry detergent

Whether you’re traveling to Europe, South America, Asia, or Africa, below are some laundry kits we think you should consider grabbing before your next adventure.

Scrubba Portable Wash Bag Kit (5 Pieces)

The Scrubba wash bag is designed as a modern take on the old-fashioned washboard. It is made to be ultra-portable, easy to use, and effective. It folds down to pocket-size and doubles as a drybag for amazing convenience.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at. If you must do your own washing while traveling, the Scrubba wash bag helps you save time and water.

It also comes with an XL quick-dry towel, an extra-long pegless travel clothesline, and extra-wide inflatable coat hangers for quicker drying.

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Premium Travel Laundry Kit

Here is a kit packed with the ultimate convenience.

The Tide sink packets are great for when you need to hand wash clothes in a bathroom sink or bathtub. The laundry kit includes a stretchable 6 ft Bungee style travel clothesline with clips at each end to secure attachment. Plus, The twisted clothesline allows you to attach clothes without clothespins. The clothesline is 6 feet long, end to end.

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The final word

Remember that your clothes can get dirty pretty fast when traveling. From food spills to the natural grime that accompanies outdoor activities, your clothes are going to need cleaning eventually.

Of course, there are a lot of other ways you can do your laundry when traveling. You could find a laundromat, book accommodations with a self-service laundry company, or wash everything in a river or stream when camping. (Again, the last one is a great time to have a travel laundry kit with you that includes eco-friendly detergent.)

Our advice? No matter where you plan to travel, it’s better to be prepared to do your own laundry.

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