Can You Survive Canada’s 24-Hour Sasquatch Challenge?

Sasquatch Challenge
“I want to believe.” – Fox Mulder’s poster

We can all agree that Bigfoot lives, right? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to meet him (it?) in person, a Canadian luxury travel company is giving you the chance this Halloween with a one-of-a-kind travel experience unlike any we’ve ever seen.

New for 2017, Butiq Escapes is offering adventurous travelers with plenty of disposable income and a fascination with cryptozoology the chance to take the Sasquatch Challenge. Guests are whisked away via private helicopter to a remote area in British Columbia or Alberta. While participants won’t know the exact location in advance, options include Jasper, Harrison Hot Springs, and the Cowichan Valley. Upon reaching the drop-off point, would-be Bigfoot hunters will find a luxury “glamping” setup courtesy of Butiq’s expert staff. The goal is simply to survive the night. In addition to all the essentials, the base camp includes a gourmet food spread, headlamps, a few creature comforts, and high-tech radios in the event you need to pull the ripcord and bail in the middle of the night.

Butiq Escapes Sasquatch Challenge

It’s an utterly absurd package, but Butiq Escapes is known for thinking way outside the box for its adventure travel offerings. Even the company’s off-the-shelf tours include bucket-list-worthy trips like exploring Newfoundland’s icebergs by helicopter, aerial tours of Banff, and sailing the fjords of the Atlantic provinces of Canada. Butiq’s specialty is crafting exclusive, over-the-top tours like their Supercar Vacations that allow travelers to tour the most breathtaking routes of Canada from behind the wheel of the world’s most elite supercars.

The company has even coordinated a package ahead of Canada’s forthcoming first legal cannabis day on July 21, 2018. The exclusive Highest of Highs journey transports travelers to an undisclosed mountain lake location for a private day of paddleboarding, gourmet barbecuing, and, of course, a premium goodie bag of the country’s finest, soon-to-be-legal marijuana strains. Optional add-ons include choppering in a private DJ, a yoga instructor, or a famous local chef. Hell, they’ll fly in a family of giraffes if you’re paying.

The Sasquatch Challenge package is only available for the month of October. The price? It’s starts at $7,500 and can include admission for you and up to three friends. If you think the price tag is the craziest part of this overnight, Canadian sasquatch-hunting party, think again.

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