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Europe’s 4 most wallet-friendly destinations in the wake of Brexit

Britain’s vote to abscond from the European Union sparked a stark devaluing of the pound (it’s near 30-year lows!) and even the Euro against the American dollar. Whichever side of the Brexit debate you fall on, this downturn has brought a bevy of dirt-cheap European vacation options to travelers. Here are four destinations where your dollar is already going further:


Budapest, brexit, travel
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Hungary has long been known as one of Europe’s friendliest, most wallet-friendly countries. It may seem obvious, but your first trip to the country should start in Budapest. The city’s two sides, Buda and Pest, offer a wide array of experiences, from budget restaurants to  indoor/outdoor thermal pools to the beautiful seaside resorts of Lake Balaton. While the country is well-known for goulash (which gets a bit of a bad wrap), the culinary offerings are more extensive than you’ve heard. Don’t miss: the hydrofoil ferry that connects Vienna to downtown Budapest via the Danube River.

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Croatia, brexit, travel
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Three words: Game of Thrones. While the show is all fiction, many of its stunning, storybook backdrops are very real. We’re loath to use the term “can’t-miss”, but Dubrovnik is as must-see as it gets. The stunning medieval city in the country’s far south boasts marble streets, hundred-year-old stone buildings, and a unique, mystical charm all set against the backdrop of the Adriatic Sea. Don’t miss: the UNESCO World Heritage site of Plitvice Lakes National Park — an impossibly beautiful collection of lakes, caves, and waterfalls.

Wales, United Kingdom

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Of course, few European destinations have been harder hit by Brexit than the U.K. itself. Wales has fast become a favorite hotspot for adventure travelers seeking an all-in-one destination with a wide variety of outdoor activities. Ziplining, mountain biking, hiking — Wales has it all and then some. Don’t miss: coasteering. This new “sport” explores a destination’s coastline via an extreme combination of cliff-jumping, climbing, and swimming.

Czech Republic

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While Prague is a stunning destination in its own right, there’s more to the Czech Republic than its capital city. Hřensko is a tiny, picturesque village two hours from Prague and serves as the gateway to the country’s spectacular Bohemian Switzerland National Park. This youngest of Czech Republic’s national parks is arguably its most stunning which creates a huge draw for outdoor- and adventure-loving travelers. Don’t miss: Pravčická brána — Europe’s largest sandstone arch that serves as a symbol for the country’s entire national park system.

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