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5 most drool-worthy overwater bungalows for a dream Caribbean vacation

Experience paradise with these incredible overwater bungalows in the Caribbean

dock leading to an overwater bungalow in the ocean
David Anderson / Unsplash

Ever daydream about waking up to the Caribbean Sea right outside your window? If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and go on a romantic and secluded getaway, an overwater bungalow in the Caribbean might be your perfect escape. 

Here are the most drool-worthy overwater bungalows the Caribbean has to offer.

1. Sandals South Coast 

Sandals Resort South Coast
Sandals South Coast / Sandals Resorts

Nestled along the pristine shores of Jamaica’s south coast, Sandals South Coast is an adults-only beach lover’s paradise. The all-inclusive resort’s crowning jewel is the collection of overwater bungalows, each boasting an outdoor soaking tub, outdoor shower, and glass floor panels that allow you to admire the marine life below. 

Enjoy unparalleled privacy and luxury in these romantic retreats, complete with butler service and access to the resort’s world-class amenities, including a scenic over-the-water chapel for dreamy destination weddings.

Key features:

  • 2 mile beach
  • 3 beachfront pools
  • 9 specialty restaurants
  • 7 unlimited bars
  • Adults-only
  • All-inclusive

What the people are saying:

“We had a great experience for our wedding. We stayed in a bungalow with the butler service. All our 40+ wedding guests loved the resort.” – Esteban G., Tripadvisor

2. Sandals Royal Caribbean

Sandals Royal Caribbean
Sandals Royal Caribbean / Sandals Resorts

Sandals Royal Caribbean is an all-inclusive, couples-only oasis that redefines luxury in Montego Bay. Similar to other Sandal resorts, the Sandals Royal Caribbean overwater villas feature outdoor soaking tubs, overwater hammocks, and glass floor panels that offer a peek into the crystal-clear waters below. Plus, indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with 24-hour butler service and access to the resort’s world-class amenities, including stunning bars and restaurants.

Key features:

  • Over-the-water villas
  • Private offshore island
  • 9 specialty restaurants 
  • Adults-only
  • All-inclusive

What the people are saying:

“This resort is amazing! From the moment we arrived at the airport until the moment we left Sandals Royal Caribbean, the people treated hubby and I like family. The service, accommodations, and food was wonderful. Very clean and beautiful. Perfect couples getaway!” – Daina C., Tripadvisor

3. Thatch Caye, a Muy’Ono Resort

Thatch Caye, a Muy'Ono Resort
Thatch Caye, a Muy'Ono Resort / Thatch Caye, a Muy'Ono Resort

Thatch Caye, a Muy’Ono Resort, is an all-inclusive private island resort in Belize offering overwater bungalows and island cabanas. Situated on its own secluded private island off the coast of Dangriga, this intimate resort can only accommodate up to 30 guests at a time, ensuring a truly unique and peaceful experience. The island exudes a deserted paradise feel, surrounded by lush Belizean foliage, pristine beaches, and a serene atmosphere. The recently renovated accommodations, crafted using reclaimed materials from the island itself, provide a sustainable yet luxurious retreat without compromising on comfort.

Key features:

  • All-inclusive dining with fresh Belizean cuisine
  • Communal dining experience
  • Natural saltwater pool
  • Complimentary water sports and activities
  • WiFi is available only in common areas

What the people are saying:

“This is an exquisite setting. Top quality cabanas, food, staff, and optional adventures. Limitations to the number of guests at any give time (30) adds greatly to the pleasures of meeting and sharing with other people who overlap your stay.” – Susan T., Tripadvisor

4. Aruba Ocean Villas 

Aruba Ocean Villas
Aruba Ocean Villas / Aruba Ocean Villas

Aruba Ocean Villas is an adults-only boutique resort that offers a truly unique overwater experience. These luxurious villas are suspended above the crystal-clear waters of Aruba’s secluded Druif Beach, giving guests not only unparalleled privacy but also stunning views. Enjoy the convenience of direct access to the ocean, as well as the resort’s top-notch amenities and personalized service, including private beach cabanas and a beachfront restaurant serving fresh, locally sourced cuisine.

Key features:

  • Adults-only
  • Beachfront dining
  • Spa treatments
  • Point-to-point transfers

What the people are saying:

Truly exotic experience. Loved every minute. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime romantic, secluded experience in a uniquely curated villa over water, this is your place.”- Lynda R., Tripadvisor

5. Royalton Antigua 

Royalton Antigua
Royalton Antigua / Royalton Antigua

Royalton Antigua is an all-inclusive, luxurious resort that offers a collection of overwater villas, each with a private infinity pool, glass floors, an indoor jacuzzi, and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. Guests can indulge in the resort’s world-class amenities, including gourmet dining options, a full-service spa, and a variety of water sports activities.

Key features:

  • A fitness center with classes
  • Daily entertainment and nightly shows
  • Water sports
  • Kids clubs
  • Reservation-free dining
  • Spa

What the people are saying:

“Honestly the best vacation ever. We miss you Royalton Antigua. From the minute we arrived we were indulged. Every need was met. Thank you to each of you.”- Matthew, Tripadvisor

Bottom line

three overwater bungalows above ocean

These luxurious retreats, offered by places like the famous Sandals Resorts or hidden gems like Aruba Ocean Villas, put you right on top of the crystal-clear water. But it’s not just about the view (although it’s pretty incredible). These resorts offer world-class amenities, delicious overwater restaurants and bars for sunset cocktails, and even romantic wedding chapels. So whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a luxurious vacation, an overwater bungalow gives you the perfect chance to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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