Circle the Globe on the World’s Longest Cruise: 245 Days, 6 Continents, and 59 Countries

worlds longest cruise
Viking Cruises

It’s no secret that Americans don’t get enough annual vacation time. If the typical two weeks of paid leave just isn’t enough for you, Viking Ocean Cruises has the remedy. The famous luxury cruise line just announced the world’s most epic, continuous, around-the-world cruise — and we desperately want in.

By the numbers, the Viking Ultimate World Cruise is a monster: 245 days, six continents, and 59 countries. How’s that for bucket list-worthy? The trip begins in London on August 31, 2019, and returns to the U.K. on May 2, 2020.

Along the way, the ship will make 113 total ports of call, including so me of the world’s most popular travel destinations like Reykjavik, Patagonia, Sydney, and stops throughout Southeast Asia. However, it also includes lesser-known South American cities and a few rare island gems in the Caribbean. Not surprisingly, it will be the longest ever continuous cruise. This, from the company who previously ran one of the longest world cruises in 2017, which lasted “only” 141 days.

Viking has proven itself to be the cruise line for travelers who hate cruising. This is no booze-soaked Carnival Cruise tour of the Caribbean. With less than a 1,000 total passengers, it’s far more intimate experience than most traditional sea cruises. The company’s ships also feature sleek, Scandinavian-inspired designs and almost every imaginable luxury. Aboard the Viking Sun, in particular, every room boasts a private balcony, king-size bed, free Wi-Fi, stocked minibar, 42-inch LCD TVs, and 24-hour room service. Common amenities include a stern infinity pool, a 360-degree observation deck, multiple hot tubs, a sports deck, and a full-service spa with a Nordic sauna and even a snow grotto which is every bit as awesome as it sounds.

Viking Cruises

Of course, such a once-in-a-lifetime experience doesn’t come cheap. All-in, the trip starts just under USD $93,000. That breaks down to less than USD $400 per day. If that’s too rich for your blood, consider the price tag includes business class airfare, ground transfers to and from the ship, all tips and service fees, free luggage shipping, and a few complimentary visa services. Plus, you can drink yourself silly onboard since most booze is included. For a more budget-friendly alternative, Viking invites guests to book smaller portions of the trip, like the 119-day excursion from Los Angeles to London for the low, low price of just USD $46,000. Now, all you need is the time off from work.

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