Affordable Warm Weather Getaways

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For better or for much, much worse, the 2016 Presidential Election is over. Let that sink in if you haven’t already: it’s… over.

No more debates, no more lawn signs, no more outright defamation and borderline slander (oh, and libel). It’s really, truly over. Now we just have a dark, dismal future ahead. Hurrah.

If you’re like many Americans, you’re still probably reeling from it all, and likely still rather nauseous. In case you want to skip town for a while to clear your post 2016 election hangover, then chances are that you want to head somewhere warm, slow paced, and where strong beverages are readily served. Also like many Americans, you’re probably in favor of things that are exactly what you want but that don’t cost very much money. And hey, that’s cool. But you know what’s not cool? These great warm weather winter vacations. And, as you’ve probably surmised from the title, text, and premise of this article, they’re not very expensive, either.

If you need a warm weather winter vacation that won’t break the bank (potential gambling losses aside; that’s on you), then try one of these affordable yet sublime destinations.



This is area of the DR that lies at the far easternmost stretch of Hispaniola. The average winter temperature is between 82 and 72 degrees in December, January, and February, and those also tend to be the driest months there. The sandy beaches are gently lapped by clear Caribbean waters (hurricane season being over) and there are countless opportunities for enjoying the sea. Try kayaking, surfing, deep-sea fishing, wildlife watching, or sitting there with that sixth vodka tonic in your hand as the incoming tide soaks through your linen pants. A four star hotel can be enjoyed for just a little over $100 a night and be on the look out for all-incisive resorts and vacation packages that include airfare and multi day stays for under $1000.



If you want to enjoy the many opportunities of a major city, from nightlife to museums to historical sites (its walled Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!) to plentiful fine dining opportunities, then this is a city to put on the list. Also, it’s rather affordable, which is why it’s…um… on the list. The city lies on the country’s Caribbean coast and you can absolutely spend a week lying in the sun and not reading those books you brought, but it would be a shame to miss out on all there is to see in this storied city. The temperature in the region tends to be about 87 degrees at all times, and in January and February there is almost no rain at all. You can also fly there with ease from cities including Miami and New York.



Yes, getting to the Indian state of Goa can be tricky. But only because it’s essentially on the opposite side of the world from the United States. (In fact the antipode of Goa is in the middle of the eastern South Pacific ocean, but whatever.) After your travel odyssey, however, you’ll find yourself in a lovely location with miles of sandy beaches, plentiful hotels and resorts, and an atmosphere predisposed to taking it easy by day and staying up way too late at night. You can rent a motorbike for about five dollars a day, get a bottle of local Feni liquor for about a buck fifty, and a five star hotel often costs well under $100 a night. Or you can crash in a hostel for more like five bucks.



Now, hear me out on this one: this small city in central Florida may be almost 100 miles from the beach (both the Atlantic beaches and the Gulf — it’s that central), but it’s only about 35 miles from Disney World, and it’s a lot more affordable (and less wretched) than greater Orlando. And in the depths of winter, the average temperature there hovers between 70 and 75 degrees during the daytime. (It once hit 96 in February, FYI.) And while you’re there, you can go hang gliding at Wallaby Ranch, you can visit the True Blue Winery (the first winery in all of Polk County!) and sample a range of their fine fruit wines, you can get in some golf, or you can enjoy aquatic recreation on or in the several lakes of the area (avoid the alligators). Also, you can usually rent an entire house for around $225 a night. And again… Disney!

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