Wide Path Bicycle Camper is like an Airstream for Cyclists

From a functional perspective, travel by bicycle hasn’t changed a great deal since the invention of bike racks and panniers. That is, until now. Wide Path, a creative camper company, has come out with a trailer for cyclists, merging the interests of minimalists and appreciators of extravagance alike.The brand’s tagline best introduces the bicycle camper: “simple holidays; comfortable; easy; close to nature.”

At its most basic, it’s a hard-shell bike camper that features a living space with room for up to 300 liters, or 10.6 square feet, of storage. The shelter not only serves as a small dining area for up to four people, but can also be converted into a two-person bed. With a number of optional packages — including a solar panel electrical system — explorers can choose how lavishly to live in one of the most minimalist travel categories.

Set-up does not require tools and only takes three minutes. The camper also touts windows and some insulation. Other noteworthy specs include:

  • Bed size: length 6’7″ x width 3′
  • Unfolded outside: length 9’4″ x height 5’9″ x width 3’2″
  • Folded outside: length 4’11” x height 5’9″ x width 3’2″
  • Height inside cabin: 4’8″

Before you start daydreaming about your camper-style bike tour, there are two things you should know. For starters, with a weight of around 175 pounds, this thing is heavy. In the flat terrain of Denmark, where this company is headquartered, this camper could make sense. If your goal is miles or altitude, it’s probably worth sticking to your tent and panniers because you’d quickly assume the road name of “Struggle Bus.”  Consider the following description from the company’s website: “The Wide Path Campers are not only mini RVs, but a mobile house-party easily deployed in urban, suburban, and natural spaces.”

Moving on to the second challenge, the price tag for this funmobile is not-so-minimalist. Be ready to spend around $4,800 to bring a Wide Path camper home. This option is not for the budget-minded bike tourer, rather those that fall into the more extravagant part of the spectrum.

That said, keep an eye on this Danish company. Wide Path will likely continue to improve upon this model — and hopefully the price — while they work on finding a possible distributor in the U.S. Until then, perhaps the Homie car camper will fit your bill.