High School Student’s Kickstarter, Tactical Lites, Reinvents Tactical Gear to Save Seconds and Lives

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The tactical glove is a vital piece in the arsenal of many professionals. Whether you’re scaling a pole to fix your community’s electricity in a storm, acting as an EMT or First Responder, or are a part of Law Enforcement, these gloves are something many public service workers cannot do without.

High School entrepreneur and frequent visitor to The Manual, Cade Cassidy, has taken premium tactical, utility, and work glove designs to the next level of functionality and effectiveness.

By adding a form-fitting, padded, and breathable material, as well as removable LED lights for crystal clear illumination, this new and improved innovation not only strives to make great gloves even better — it’s main incentive is to aid in life saving events.

Cassidy recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Tactical Lites to the market, and is currently about a third of the way towards his $10,000 goal with nearly a month left.

“The basic premise of my idea was to reinvent the tactical glove to help Law Enforcement and the Military,” Cassidy said, “which later lead to me designing gloves for industrial workers and mechanics. I really believe in these and feel they could be a life saver. You’ll see the multi-function LED removable lights and all the thought put into the actual gloves.”


Tactical Lites/Facebook

Each pair is designed to serve a particular purpose, based on what the professional needs respectively, but all of them are equipped with LED lights, ample padding, and breathability. And they even have touchscreen capabilities, so you can keep your gloves on and get the job done swiftly.

The gloves start out at $40 pledge, and can reach up to $50 if you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty. Cassidy’s website for Tactical Lites will be up and running later this month, but more information on the gloves and their features can be found on the Tactical Lites Facebook page.

And hell, if you’re hiring, Cassidy will be graduating high school soon!