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Stop what you’re doing and buy this Solo Stove fire pit now

stainless steel wood burning fire pit.
Solo Stove

One way to enjoy cold winter weather is with a fire pit, and if adding some warmth to gather around to your backyard or patio sound appealing, you need to check out the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0. It’s currently one of the best fire pit deals you can find, as it’s marked down to just $285 at Best Buy. This is a savings of $45 from its regular price of $330. Best Buy is including free shipping with a purchase, and in many locations you are able to pick it up in-store today.

Why You Should Buy the Solo Stove Bonfire Stand & Shelter 2.0

While a new fire pit can keep things a little warmer on the patio during colder seasons, it really could be thought of as an annual addition. A fire pit makes a great place to gather to stay warm in the winter and to enjoy drinks, food, and company in the summer. When it first came out we called the Solo Stove the only backyard fire pit you’ll ever need, and the Solo Stove 2.0 improves upon everything it had to offer. It can fulfill all of your needs from a fire pit in the backyard or on the patio, but it also has some super portability to its design, allowing you to take it on camping trips, tailgate outings, or anywhere else you like to go for some outdoors time.

This Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 bundle has some additional accessories included that can go a long way toward putting it to good use. A stand is included, which allows you to use the Solo Stove 2.0 on heat sensitive surface like grass or a wooden deck. It also comes with a PVC-coated polyester shelter that repels rain, snow, dust, and wind. A removable ash pan is something you’ll find in this newest iteration of the Solo Stove. It makes the Solo Stove 2.0 easy to clean when the day is done.

Adding a fire pit to the backyard, the campground, or the picnic is as affordable as ever with this Solo Stove 2.0 bundle. Best Buy currently has the package discounted to just $285, which is a $45 savings from its regular price of $330. Free shipping is included, and in-store pickup is available as well.

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