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Turn Your Pickup Into a Go-Anywhere RV with Scout’s Olympic Truck Camper

Scout Olympic

Many of us are figuring out creative new ways to do the things we enjoy doing safely. Long-distance travel, in general, isn’t an option for some right now, and won’t be for the foreseeable future. All of which is why 2020 is becoming the year for road tripping and RV travel. If you’ve toyed with either and happen to own a pickup truck, this versatile, state-of-the-art camper truck camper just might give you the final push to hit the open road. 

The all-new Olympic camper from Scout is a next-generation truck camper. It boasts the same portability and versatility of its predecessors, but with all the high-tech gadgetry and conveniences that today’s adventure-seekers demand. At a base weight of just over 1,100 pounds, the shell is designed to fit neatly in the bed of most full-sized pickup trucks. The durable design features a gel-coated fiberglass exterior and roof, aluminum exoskeleton framing, and solid, wood-free construction. The composite structural panels guarantee year-round, all-season use without having to worry about rot or water damage.

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For such a compact camper, the interior feels surprisingly spacious. With an alcove double bed, an optional rooftop tent, and a four-person dinette that converts into a bed, the Olympic sleeps six comfortably. Even fully loaded, there’s enough storage space for weeks or even months of use. What truly sets the Olympic apart, however, is the long list of options. By ticking every box, modern adventurers can build a high-tech, off-grid-capable mobile basecamp that’s designed to go almost anywhere. A 75-liter, Wi-Fi-enabled Dometic fridge/freezer, 2.6-gallon toilet, indoor/outdoor propane cooktop, and 3,000 BTU heater are all available options. Scout uses portable appliances to ensure the Olympic can be customized for each camping trip. Take only what you need, remove what you don’t. Those who want all the comforts of home can even opt for a 4,500 BTU liquid propane fireplace.

Of course, all the conveniences in the world are useless without a proper power source and a reliable water system. The Olympic comes standard with a 160-watt monocrystalline solar panel and a Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium portable power station. Together, they offer more than a 1,000 watt-hours of energy through numerous USB ports and dual 110V power outlets. A mountable five-gallon Lifesaver Jerrycan also provides clean filtered drinking water and, with the integrated spray wand, can be used as an impromptu shower. 

Truck campers aren’t a new idea. For decades, they’ve provided ultra-minimalist adventurers the ability to RV camp on a budget. But, that often meant sacrificing essentials like a shower, a proper cooking area, or any semblance of storage. Scout is a new venture from Adventure Manufacturing designed to take truck campers to the next level. With more than 60 years of RV-building experience, the Washington-based company seems more than capable of doing just that.

The Scout Olympic is available for pre-order, starting at USD $19,980. Fully optioned, the bottom line will likely be closer to $30,000. Sure, you could score a well-equipped travel trailer for as much. But, few are as high-tech, lightweight, and ready to go anywhere as this forward-thinking truck camper.

If you don’t mind swapping maximum portability for extra features and floor space, check out the best ultra-light travel trailers of 2020.

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