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The 5 best mountain biking YouTube channels (and why we like them)

Check out these videos for tips, humor, and more

A group of mountain bikers with a large mountain behind them
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They bought an action camera and started filming themselves mountain biking, correct? And if it is that easy, why aren’t we all making a living from mountain biking?

While that may be where some of these mountain bike YouTubers got their start, a bit more goes into it than just filming rides. In fact, if you chat with some of these guys making a living mountain biking on YouTube, you will realize they are deep.

Camera angles, lighting, audio, and algorithms are a few things bouncing around in their heads while mountain biking. Yet, thankfully, they manage to make it back down to the trailhead week after week, bringing us some of the best mountain bike content available.

From trail-focused channels to mountain bike hacks and comedy, we’ve compiled a list of the five best mountain biking YouTube channels. We’ll tell you why you should like them; they’ll tell you to click “like” and subscribe.



Brian Kennedy, better known as BKXC, is one of the more well-known mountain bike YouTubers on the site. His videos date back to 2016 when he uploaded a review to YouTube of a bike stand to his channel BKXC. 

Video reviews weren’t new to Kennedy, but he would soon find his niche, focusing his efforts on mountain biking. Early videos are focused more on product reviews and some how-to’s, and where the BKXC channel later found its corner of YouTube mountain biking content, trail reviews.

Kennedy rode every state in his “50 State Shred” video series, where he did an excellent job breaking down the trails he rode. The channel becomes a great resource for mountain biking while visiting other locations. Curious about a trail near your vacation spot? Check the BKXC channel; chances are Kennedy has reviewed it.

BKXC has nearly 900 videos with over 100 million views, and the channel sits at 538K subscribers.

Yep, BKXC is faster than you... AND me! | Redemption CO Ep. 6 (Finale)

The Singletrack Sampler

Exploring the continent from behind a steering wheel, Alex Bowers, the Singletrack Sampler, brings you along on his mountain biking journeys. While most of these journeys happen on the North American continent, Bowers occasionally samples overseas singletrack.

In 2015, Bowers brought us along as he started filming his mountain bike rides, road-tripping, and eventually living out of his car. Bowers would eventually adopt van life, and the Singletrack Sampler would take his mountain biking adventures on the road full-time. 

And, kindly, he brought us along for the ride.

Not only does Bowers share the amazing trails he mountain bikes on his YouTube channel, but he also shares a more behind-the-scenes look into his life. Mountain biking remains the channel’s focus, but travel, life, and an emphasis on appreciating the journey are very much present. 

As Bowers would say: “Live free, ride hard, and get stoked.” His channel has over 600K subscribers, 384 videos, and over 77 million views.

If Facebook Marketplace Was Real Life


If you are looking for shorts that will make you chuckle, look no further than NRML MTBer. Long-form and short-form content are both present on this channel, with many long-form videos focusing on reviews. The short-form videos show mountain biking quirks and experiences. Both will make you laugh.  

Along with his brother, Sebastian Bauer has built a YouTube following from a mountain biking perspective that easily crosses into everyday life experiences. You don’t need to mountain bike to relate to Bauer’s content. Have you ever tried to sell something on Facebook Marketplace? You’ll likely connect.

Rad trails, good vibes, and lots of laughs. Oh, and a dude that doesn’t fit the stereotypical image of a “mountain biker.” In just a handful of years, Bauer has racked up 454K subscribers from 310 videos, with views knocking on the door of 400 million.

I Can't Believe Someone Built That Trail!

Remy Metailler

Remy Metailler is a French professional mountain biker with one of YouTube’s scariest mountain biking channels. Watch his channel to be inspired and see some very impressive riding, but, as warning labels would caution, do not attempt to repeat.

If you have ever filmed yourself mountain biking, you have probably experienced that the footage doesn’t show how fast or steep the trail is. Jumps and drops that were huge in person suddenly appear small on video. Remember this when you watch Metailler’s videos.

Metailler features himself and other pros riding some of the steepest trails with some of the biggest features in mountain biking. If it looks scary on video, imagine what it looks like in real life. 

Other than showing some of the most phenomenal and technical mountain biking on the planet, Metailler describes his process for doing significant features. He does this in a way that can be translated to a more reasonable level because, Lord knows, we aren’t doing what Metailler is doing.

Metailler’s YouTube channel features 438 videos with nearly 103 million views and 428K subscribers.

What I learned from building a public MTB park

Berm Peak

What started as “Seth’s Bike Hacks,” the YouTube channel Berm Peak is hands down the biggest channel dedicated to mountain biking. 

Seth Alvo started his channel years ago, sharing helpful hints and “hacks” in the mountain biking world. Over the years, the YouTube channel has seen a change from Alvo sharing hacks to building backyard trails, setting up a workshop, and building a publicly accessible bike park.

This channel gives you a little of everything—fun trails, great mountain bike reviews, how-tos, oh, and hacks. Alvo hasn’t ventured too far away from his origins. He also does excellent product reviews, including some that subscribers send in.

Alvo’s Berm Peak has a massive 2.54 million subscribers, 472 videos, and nearly 700 million views.

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