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Did your snowboarding season start late? Here’s our favorite snowboard, bindings, and boot setup for resort riding

Snowboard season is off to a late start, so hit the hill with our ultimate setup

Snowboarder at resort
Ra_Ya via Pixabay

Snowboarding at the resort is like riding through a snow-covered skatepark. Everywhere you look, there’s something to explore. Whether fresh corduroy, side hits, or park features, you can carve, pop, and spin to your heart’s content. But for the best experience, you need the right equipment. 

If you got a late start on the season but want a new setup, you’ve come to the right place. We handpicked our favorite board, bindings, and boots for full-on resort ripping. With these picks, you’ll be able to ride anything and look good doing it. Let’s dive in.

snowboarder turning on mountain
123koehler via Pixabay

The importance of high-end snowboard equipment

When you exit the lift and begin your run, you soak in every sensation. The way the board glides against the snow. How the edge sets when you start your turn. The joy of popping off a hit, flying through the air, and sticking the landing. Using the best snowboard equipment makes all of that even better. 

If you spent the day at a racetrack, would you want to drive a tuned sports car or a basic economy car? The former would enhance every turn, straightaway, and braking zone, while the latter would take away from the experience. So, it goes with boards, bindings, and boots. Buying gear made to perform creates epic days on the hill.

Burton Blossom snowboard, Zeb Powell ThirtyTwo boots, Union Force bindings
Nate Swanner

Our favorite snowboard, boots, and bindings for resort riding

With winter underway, you’re probably itching to visit the mountain. We understand. With a three to four-month window (for most riders), you have to make the most of the season. And when you’re a resort rider, you need a versatile setup for all conditions and terrain. Here are our picks for shredding your local hill.

Burton Blossom snowboard
Nate Swanner

Board: Burton Blossom 

The Burton Blossom combines high-performance construction with a free-spirited attitude. A camber bend and a carbon backbone provide energetic turns and pop to spare. Graphics by Burton Snowboards team rider Niels Schack are both serene and playful. Whether you want to push the limits or just play in the snow, the Blossom has everything you need

For all-around riding, camber is a trusted solution. With spring-loaded energy underfoot, it accelerates from turn to turn and absorbs everything in your path. And when you see a side hit, get ready for takeoff. 

The Channel system gives you unlimited stance options, letting you fine-tune your setup. A recycled sintered WFO base offers acceleration and speed in any snow condition. The true-twin shape has a balanced feel on spins and slides.

Rounding out the package is Niels Schack’s artwork. The topsheet is a deep emerald hue, with diamond latticework in the background. It’s calm and sophisticated. But the base strikes a different chord with a colorful, raucous painting. Details include a crocodile, spider web, checkerboard, and flower. The picture captures snowboarding’s essence: playing in the snow. 

The Blossom is available in a range of sizes, including 149, 152, 155, 158, and 162. And with a medium-stiff flex, it’s as versatile as it is fun.

Union Force bindings with Zeb Powell boots
Nate Swanner

Binding: Union Force

Union Force bindings come packed with top-end materials and features for enhanced performance and all-day comfort. That way, you can just strap in and ride, knowing you’ve got the best tool for the job. And with a full redesign for 23/24, they’re better than ever. 

That all starts with an S9 Duraflex ST baseplate. According to Union Bindings, it offers strength and response like never before. And with a lifetime warranty, you can shred knowing it can stand up to anything. 

From there, the new Molecular Bushing system offers underfoot suspension, smoothing our crud and taking the sting out of landings. You can ride longer and harder without wearing yourself out.

Additionally, the S19 Duraflex ST highback uses layered construction for edge-to-edge response and freestyle flexibility. Magnesium S2 ratchets stand up to season after season of harsh weather. And the Exoframe 6.0 ankle strap reduces pressure points. 

ThirtyTwo Lashed Double BOA x Powell boots

Boot: ThirtyTwo Lashed Double BOA X Zeb Powell

When you want to ride a little bit of everything — whether park, groomers, or steeps — the ThirtyTwo Lashed Double BOA X Zeb Powell boots can handle it all. Key to that is their mellow flex and Double BOA lacing system. And with their creative styling, they stand out on the hill.

The Dual-Zone BOA lacing system offers on-mountain convenience and a fine-tuned fit. Just dial and click, and you’re set to go with a customized feel. Nice.

A medium flex enhances freedom of movement, letting your ankles naturally open and close on ollies and turns. That lets you move and flow with the terrain, so you can get creative and express your style.

Beyond that, the boots have a 3D molded tongue, evolution foam cushioning, and a performance rubber outsole. And with Zeb Powell’s personal graphics — including a bold “32” logo, his signature, and his silhouette — you get a true “pro model” design.

snowboarder making turns on mountain
azulesnet via Pixabay

How these picks work together

Every piece of your setup works in unison, and skimping on one takes away from the other. By going with these picks, you get gear that relays every movement to the snow, so you can progress day after day.

Picture it like this. You flex your knees to start a turn, transferring energy to the boots, which relay through the bindings, to the board, and onto the snow. For the best response, every link in the chain matters.

With winter upon us, it’s time for long days on the mountain. For versatile performance across the resort, we’ve given you our picks for the best board, bindings, and boots. Each helps you perform better and offers durability season after season—time to get after it.

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