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Best cheap flashlight deals for January 2022

Flashlights are a versatile and essential piece of equipment for every household for both indoor use and outdoor adventures. The light on your phone isn’t always enough and you don’t want to waste battery life in an emergency. If you need to stock your home with a cheap flashlight, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve gathered here some cheap flashlight deals available online. Get ready to say goodbye to darkness, your old friend, with the best flashlight deals. We also have a few tips on how to choose a flashlight, so make sure to read until the end.

Today’s best cheap flashlight deals

  • Rayovac LED Flashlight, 2 Pack$7, was $10
  • Uoline Military Flashlight$14 with coupon on product page, was $16
  • GearLight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlight (2-pack)$17, was $22
  • PeakPlus LED Tactical Flashlight Kit$17, was $27
  • Dorcy 41-4750 200 Lumen LED Flashlight18, was $29
  • Milwaukee 325L Focusing Flashlight$25, was $35
  • Maglite LED 2-Cell D Flashlight $22, was $35

This tactical flashlight kit from PeakPlus comes with a flashlight with a zoom function and five light modes. It also includes a rechargeable battery, battery holder, charger, case, and user manual. more
This 4-Cell D Incandescent Flashlight from Maglite is resistant to dust and water, making durability a non-issue. It has 98 lumens of light output and a 267-meter beam distance. more
With 200 lumens worth of brightness, this flashlight can cut through the darkness when you go camping. It also has a carabiner clip so you can attach it to your bag. more
This powerful flashlight acts like a small spotlight thanks to its LED technology. Its ergonomic design will prevent hand exhaustion, especially if you're hiking in a dim area for a long time. more
Bid farewell to dark areas and pathways with this LED flashlight. It has a 190-lumen light output and a 276-meter beam distance. The flashlight's design is also splashproof and drop-resistant. more
Extra 15% off with on-page coupon
Say goodbye to disposable batteries as this LED flashlight from Peetpen already comes with a 18650 battery along with a Micro-USB charging cable. It also has a compass to guide you on your way. more
Coupon for $3 off
This powerful flashlight can emit 6,000 lumens and it has 3 modes: strong, weak, and SOS. more
A slim and compact flashlight that emits 250 lumens, enough to illuminate a dim room. more
Bring this LED flashlight to your next camping trip. It can last 40 hours on two AA batteries. more

How to choose a flashlight

Flashlights come in handy in many situations, such as when you need to find something in a dark place in your house, work on an unlit space, or during an emergency. That’s why you should know which one to pick among a bevy of flashlight deals available online. We have a few tips for you before you get to decide on a cheap flashlight.

Many of the most affordable flashlights are powered by batteries, but you can choose one that is powered by disposable or rechargeable batteries. Having a flashlight with a rechargeable battery means you don’t need to fumble with sets of AA or C batteries during replacements. But disposable batteries offer convenience away from a power source and don’t require any recharging time. Be aware of the type of battery you’ll prefer when choosing the best cheap flashlight.

Another factor that you should check when comparing flashlight deals is the brightness. You can determine the light output of a flashlight by checking how many lumens it has. For reference, most compact flashlights have 100 lumens, which is enough to give light up areas in your household. There are also flashlights with up to 300 lumens, which is suitable for outdoor use like hiking and camping. Another measurement that you should look for is the beam distance of a flashlight which indicates how far the light can reach.

While all the tech specs determine the power of the flashlight, lifestyle factors also matter. If you’re getting a flashlight for camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities, make sure to opt for a compact and lightweight yet powerful model that you can easily clip on your backpack or pocket. If what you’re looking for is something that could withstand heavy-duty use for a long time, you should pick a model with durable housing. Though bigger batteries mean heavier weight, the tradeoff is longevity.

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