6 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy During the Winter

winter skin healthy

Temperatures are dipping all across the country, and you know what that means. Your skin becomes dry and chapped, and everything seems to fall apart — especially when it’s freezing outside. It can be even trickier once you hit the slopes. So, exactly how are you supposed to care for your skin when the temp takes a dive? We reached out to Jazmine Ramirez, the lead esthetician at Bamford Haybarn Spa at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, which offers facials and massages using Bamford’s line of organic and natural skincare products. Ramirez gave is six tips for keeping your skin healthy during cold weather months.

Find Out Your Skin Type

People often confuse skin type and skin conditions. Skin type is determined by your pore size and cannot be altered, unless you go through a major hormonal change. Skin conditions are the things that fluctuate and can essentially be “fixed”. These would be blackheads, breakouts, dehydration, and, in some cases, sensitivity. Knowing your skin type is the key to helping you fix your skin conditions and setting up a routine that works for you.

Create a Flexible Routine

No, not so that you can wash your face only twice a week. Ramirez suggests a routine that includes products that can be switched, added, or layered when dealing with different conditions, such as an unexpected breakout or wind burn from your last ski trip. Try Bamford’s Elixirs: Life, Awaken, and Restore will aid in skin cell turnover and soothe and hydrate your skin. These can be layered under a mask, a daily moisturizer, or even applied to different areas on your face to treat combination skin.

Washing face

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Winter winds are not friendly to anyone’s skin. They can be painful and leave your skin feeling parched and lips cracked. To avoid the tight skin feeling, wash every morning and night with a cleanser that won’t strip and irritate your skin (such as the Bamford Cleansing Balm) and follow with a rich moisturizer and lip balm.

Shave Less Often

Shaving can leave your skin irritated and itchy; add the cold, drying wind ,and you’ve got some angry, painful skin. During the winter, give your visage a break and cut back on the shaving. Try trimming every so often instead. Embrace the stubble and keep it groomed with Bamford’s shaving oil; it has a dark, super sexy smell.

face masks for men, man putting on green tinted face mask in mirror

Try a Mask

Masks are the secret to boosting your skin regimen. The Bamford Nourishing Mask is a great hydrator that can be left on overnight or during a flight because it dries clear. Also, the Bamford Exfoliating Mask is a gentle yet effective way to exfoliate, using ingredients we all recognize such as apple, lemon, red grape, and aloe to reveal baby soft skin.

Sweat it Out

During the winter, it’s easy to lock yourself indoors and forget to exercise. However, putting your body to work will get your blood circulating faster which will in turn help your skin from looking sallow and grey. Not to mention how great you’ll feel after a good workout.