Class Up Your Dopp Kit with the New William Roam Steam Travel Set

Getting ready for a packed season of weekend excursions and business trips, but don’t want to sacrifice your personal hygiene regime while on the road?

Then you may want to consider investing in a ready-made kit filled to the brim with hair and skincare products, like the new Steam Travel Set from William Roam.

William Roam is an American-made brand focused on crafting high-quality travel essentials for hoteliers and gents on the go. While folks can buy individual toiletries from the website (including shower gels, moisturizers, shampoos, lotions, and everything in between), the company also boasts a range of travel sets that mix-n-match products for a more streamlined user experience.

william roam steam travel kit dopp

One such set is the aforementioned Steam Travel Set, which features 15 different products from the William Roam line. While this number might seem like a lot, it’s pretty evenly split between fun-sized toiletries (like aloe soap, body lotion, shaving cream, toothpaste, bath salts, shampoo, and conditioner) and practical must-haves (shower cap, mending kit, shoe mitten, cotton swabs, shave kit, and toothbrush). Long story short: No matter the journey, the Steam set aims to have you covered. In fact, one of our editors took the kit to Europe last week to see how it would fair and found it to be more than enough for a week’s trip. 

Though the collection is indeed diverse, the toiletry items do share one defining characteristic — they all feature Meadowfoam oil sourced directly from the Willamette Valley in Oregon (The Manual’s home state). The oil is well-known for its skin-softening and antioxidant properties and has been shown to lock-in moisture for all-day comfort. In addition to these exfoliating benefits, the substance also has a warm fragrance that’s cozy without being too pungent.

But where oh where to store these fantastic ointments, tinctures, and balms? Luckily, William Roam has you covered. All the products come packaged in a personal ditty bag, which features a nylon lining and satin zipper pull. Plop the kit on your hotel bathroom counter and let your new self-care routine spill forth!

The STEAM set currently retails for $35. For more on the collection, check it out at William Roam!

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