Knight Co. Skincare Uses Nature’s Best to Fix Damaged Skin

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Bryant Knight, founder of Knight Co., wanted to find a skincare regimen to appeal to the modern and simple, yet refined and sophisticated gentlemen of the world. When he couldn’t find one, he created it.

The high quality, Los Angeles-based skincare line for men combines natural plant extracts and botanicals such as aloe vera, sunflower seed oil, and witch hazel (to name a few) for a lineup of products that are both safe and effective. The line offers only three products at the moment, but if used in tandem, the trio makes for an essential face kit that is hard to beat.

After a long camping weekend in the sun, surrounded by dirt, grass, dust, and god knows what else, I grabbed my sample of Knight Co.’s Essential Face Kit and went to work. The trio brought my skin back to life right away and the line quickly became a new grooming favorite of ours.

The American made products are crafted with no toxins, parabens, sulfates, artificial coloring, or synthetic fragrances, so they’re great for both experienced skincare users as well as those with sensitive skin. When you’re trying to take care of the skin on your face, it’s important to know what ingredients are in the product you’re using. Knight Co. skincare aims to reach those individuals who are conscious of where and how their grooming goods are created.

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Bryant Knight, Founder of Knight Co.

“Quality was very important to us in the development of Knight CO. because all of our ingredients had to meet our highest standards. The majority of skin care products out there are made up of chemicals that most people don’t understand. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so we wanted to use safe non-toxic ingredients derived from nature,” said Knight in a press release. 

Quality comes in all shapes and sizes, but Knight Co. skincare went the minimalist route to prove science-based, simple products are more effective and have longevity. After two years of testing different formulas, oils, and scents, Knight decided to explore the science-backed skincare world by working with chemists and manufacturers in search of a formula that suited his vision of simplistic yet effective grooming.

“We want to appeal to someone who is active, well-groomed, stylish on the go individual that appreciates quality and believes less is more,” Knight stated. 

And thus KNIGHT Co. and its three-product line were born.

Daily Face Wash – $28
knight co skincare grooming company exfoliating daily face wash

Start and finish each day with KNIGHT Co.’s rejuvenating daily face wash to ensure you are always looking your best. Not only is the face wash gentle , it boasts a calming lavender fragrance that is pleasant on the nose, and an organic seaweed extract to reduce inflammation and leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.

It’s so good in fact, you’ll never forget to wash your face again.

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Complete Moisturizer – $30
knight co skincare grooming company moisturizer

Next we have Knight Co.’s complete moisturizer, a super-effective dry application formula that hydrates and nourishes your skin the instant it’s applied.

The moisturizing formula is unscented, yet still gives off a clean essence. It offers a shine-free finish and contains a proprietary blend of jojoba oil, olives, and carrot seed, among other botanicals that slow the effects of aging. Then, using some of nature’s other powerful cleansing oils like organic aloe leaf juice and sunflower seed oil, this do-it-all moisturizer also provides UV protection and specifically targets dehydrated, stressed portions of the skin.

And because you only need to use a nickel-sized amount, a little of this moisturizing lotion goes a long way.

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Exfoliating Face Scrub – $30
knight co skincare grooming company exfoliating face scrub

If you don’t already have an exfoliating formula, the Knight Co. skincare exfoliating face scrub is absolutely fantastic. You only need to use it 2-3 times a week, meaning it’s a quick and easy way to enhance your grooming routine and get back on the road towards regaining healthy skin and putting your best face forward.

Not only is exfoliating a great way to ensure you get a close, snag-free shave, the added ginseng, aloe vera, and lemon promotes collagen production, leaving a brighter, younger-looking complexion that you’ll be happy with seeing every day.

Using amber and walnut shell particles rather than plastic microbeads, the exfoliating scrub eliminates all the dirt, grime, and gunk hiding in your pores without irritating the skin. The formula also boasts a dash of honey, which helps your skin lock in moisture and stay hydrated, while also giving off a fresh, herbal scent.

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It’s safe to say Knight Co. skincare has an attention to high-quality ingredients has paid dividends when it comes to effectiveness. And let’s face it, the first step to feeling good about ourselves and looking our best is with healthy skin. Bryant Knight and company have just made this easier for all of us.