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The 7 most popular long hairstyles for men

Now that you have those long locks, try one of these hairstyles

Man with long hair on a beach
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If you’ve been avoiding getting a haircut because you just don’t have the time, or if you’ve been growing your hair out on purpose for the last few months, chances are, it has probably gone past your shoulders unless you cut your own hair. From mid-length to a longer look, now you’re part of an exclusive network of gentlemen with long locks.

Many of the available looks will be extended versions of mid-length cuts, but now with your plentiful hair, you can envision styling your look to levels you’ve never imagined. And if you’re planning ahead knowing and hoping your hair will reach longer lengths, remember that a trim here and there actually promotes growth and healthy hair. Here are seven ways to style your mane with the top long hairstyles for men, or if you change your mind and want to go back to a shorter look, take a look at the best short hairstyles for men.

Long hair slicked back
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Slicked back

A true power move of a cut, the slick back look with long hair uses gravity to tame your mane. A little hair product will be necessary to initiate the look and coerce it into shape, but once you’ve combed your hair past the crown of your head, the weight and length will hold the look together.

You can tuck it behind your ears to keep those beautiful blues out in the open and the look can be paired with any variation of a fade, undercut, or even a dedicated part. Done right, the slick back is as casual as it is formal, and walking down the street or through the office halls, it looks like you’re moving twice as fast with your hair locked and loaded in the slick back position.

Long hair in a ponytail
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Seems simple enough — grab a hairband, grasp your long flowing locks, apply a band, and continue on, right? Yes, and no. The application is easy, but mastering the right look requires a little more dedication. Knowing the angle of your pony and the magnitude of the volume of your hair is incredibly important. The ponytail can be bound close to the head or a few inches down the tail, giving the look more volume.

It’s a simple look, but it comes with decisions. Here are some questions to ask: Does all your hair go into the band in the pony or is it a top half-pony you seek with a good portion of your hair remaining to cover your neckline? Or, is it matched with a temple fade? Always keep a hairband handy because the wind or even humidity can throw your hair astray. And to wear it differently from others, a braid or daisy chain can be added to your ponytail.

Man bun
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Man bun

A variation of the ponytail brought forth by the hipsters, the man bun has proven itself to be a staple of modern style. Worn roughly halfway down the back of the head, the man bun is a stylish way to control your long locks. Simply by securing your hair with a loop or coil, your hair is out of your face and you have a sophisticated and stylish look. The man ban is versatile as it serves a purpose at the gym; paired with a blazer, it proves to be a stylish containment feature. The look now transcends multiple generations and extends from BK Bedford hipsters to outright Silver Foxes.

The length of your hair will determine the volume and positioning of your bun, though the bun should settle just below the crown. It can be used to control a long mane or even the small tassel left over from a high and tight braid. There will be haters out there judging your man bun, but if it works and you’re jonesing, it’s all yours to stylize. These also go well with one of the best beard styles.

Long hair with textured waves
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Textured waves

Leave it to the musicians to popularize a hairstyle and is seemingly even more reassuring when said musician has “hair” and “styles” in his name. Thanks, in large part to Harry Styles, the textured waves look is the one ladies dream of and hope to see with the next tap on their shoulder. The look has layers, texture, and volume, and hints at the styles of a pompadour.

To reach full heartthrob status, you need more than just the best shampoo; you will have to spend some time in front of the mirror with a little product and well-manicured scrunching. And if you’re lucky enough to have the hair to pull this look off and a few extra minutes to style your waves, you might as well start gearing up for your GQ cover shot and buy a burner phone because those 10 digits will soon be melting phone lines.

Long har with an undercut
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Lots of hair over here and no hair over there. The long-haired undercut is certainly alive and well in today’s fashion and when played with the swept-over or variable comb-over, it beckons attention. There is a definitive motif that comes along with the long-haired undercut, and it’s probably best to sport the look with some stubble or an outright beard.

It’s a seriously bold style to choose because all those months, if not years, of growing out your hair are quickly subdued by half your head being buzzed to the skin. At some point, you may have to hit the reset button on this hairstyle, but in its prime, the long-haired undercut will catch the eye of onlookers and perhaps land you a role in the next season of Vikings.

Long hair parted
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Parting your long locks right down the middle is the most distinctive of the options, especially with a hint of the scalp defining the divide. The center part may be best for those with straight hair and symmetrical features, but the part can still go on the left or right.

The hard part is certainly one of the more prestigious ways to show off your dedication and patience to growing your hair out and even if it’s swept off to one side over the other, it’s truly all about the hair and your long mane. And with your parted look, you may have to update your shirt selection to complement your overall appearance and Tinder rating.

Kurt Cobain with the long-haired grunge look
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Truly popularized by the great and late Kurt Cobain, the grunge look is the long-haired version of bedhead. It’s dirty, tends to be paired with a plaid shirt or some article of clothing picked up off the floor or from your hamper, and continues to instigate perceptions of a certain lifestyle.

The longer you go without cleaning your hair, the better it looks, and the grunge really glistens if you’ve got the dirty blonde coloring. It’s not a look for everyone, but whether the style purposely finds its way to your cranium or not, there is a place for it in today’s society — it just may be on stage, waiting for the perfect break at Trestles, or sipping cocktails at The White Owl Lounge.

Man with long hair wearing a hat
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How to take care of long hair

No matter what style you choose, you need to take care of that long hair to make sure it keeps looking its best. You want to keep your mane healthy and growing, and that requires regular maintenance. According to Prose, when choosing a shampoo, look for one that takes care of your scalp, since that’s where hair growth starts. Look for products with ingredients that promote a healthy head of hair, like antioxidants and others that also hydrate your scalp and hair.

Don’t skip the conditioning, even if you don’t shampoo that day. It’s probably not the best thing for your hair to shampoo every day, but on the days when you don’t wash your locks, conditioning on a regular basis helps strengthen your hair and keep it healthy. If you blow dry your hair, use some kind of heat protection, such as a spray, to help protect your hair from damage by the heat of the dryer.

If you go with a ponytail or a man bun, do your hair a favor, and keep things as loose as possible. Tight buns or ponytails can easily damage hair, and over time, even cause your hairline to recede, as the hairs on the front of your head get pulled out frin the stress of being pulled back in a tight hairstyle that damages them.

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