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Tasty TikTok Cadbury Caramilk Cocktails May Be the Perfect Dessert

It’s strange to think of mixing dairy and booze, but where would The Dude be without his Caucasians? How would frat bros get bombed without dropping Irish cream and whiskey into Guinness? Okay, The Dude would still be stoned and Greek societies probably would still figure out a way to get hammered, but the truth remains: Milk and mash can be the best of friends.   

Take the new TikTok sensation, Caramilk cocktails, for example. TikTok user @emilyeast99 has now reached over 235,000 views, 26,000 likes, and 700 comments in revealing her scrumptious white chocolate concoctions.

Commenters are, for the most part, on board with the libation, with responses ranging from “we have to,” “ummm we needa try” and “medicine for Pooh.” With vodka-spiked melted caramel goodness, finished with grated Caramilk bar shavings on top, the creamy mixture looks like the ultimate dessert sloshing around a martini glass.

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Other viewers are understandably a bit more hesitant to splurge on the sweet froth, with gut digestion, lactose intolerance, and possible aching heads in mind. “WHAT DID I DO WRONG” one lamenter asks. 

While concerns may be justified, the Cara-tini is certainly a funky way to entertain and impress guests. Cadbury Caramilk bars are not widely available in the United States. Founded in Canada in 1968, Caramilk is primarily a taste prevalent throughout England and former United Kingdom colonies like New Zealand and the Land of Maple Syrup.

If you’re willing to dive into honeyed new alcohol mixes, the Caramilk cocktail is pretty simple, according to @emilyeast99. First begin with two-thirds of a Cadbury Caramilk bar, 150ml cream, 75ml vodka, and 125ml creamy liqueur such as Baileys.

To make the drink, microwave the chocolate, stirring every 20 seconds until you have a smooth melt. Add cream to the melted chocolate. Fill a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice and pour in the chocolate mixture, vodka, and Baileys. Shake vigorously until ingredients are well combined and well chilled. Strain into a martini glass, and garnish with grated Caramilk flakes. Toast to the Dude (or whichever other mentor might enjoy the mix), sip, and enjoy. 

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