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Bloody and Tasty TikTok Cocktails To Get Any Monster Mashed

TikTok's bloody fun Halloween cocktails include 'Slayer's Blood' and 'smoky' (dry ice) mocktails.
TikTok’s bloody fun Halloween cocktails include ‘Slayer’s Blood’ and ‘smoky’ (dry ice) mocktails. Image used with permission by copyright holder

There are about two weeks until the dead rise and TikTok is abuzz with bubbling brews. Ready to get your party started? Let’s dig into some of the most monstrous batches out there.

Ghostface, #secretofthebooze

This creamy ode to the “Scream” movies’ moaning Ghostface comes out at just the right time as previews for the newest slasher installment (coming Jan. 2022) are out this scary season. 

Underneath Ghostface’s cocoa powder visage that sits atop the glass is a frothy black and white mixture that includes any type of lactose/non-lactose creamer, chocolate vodka, clear vodka, black sambuca, and butterscotch schnapps, shaken and sifted into a Gothic coupe glass.

And to add the screaming ghost atop? Cut out a stenciled silhouette of the eyes and mouth from a stiff piece of paper/cardboard and simply powder over the holes to complete the terrifying treat. 

Purple Potion Punch, #join_jules

Got a party that you’re planning on hosting? Why not have the drinks ready to go with a floating, severed hand and a peculiar purple glow?

#join_jules’ Purple Potion Punch features the earthy-tasting and unearthly colored butterfly-pea flower tea. The native Thai, vibrant, purple and blue flowers are said to elicit a stress-reducing, energy-bolstering mood enhancer — not a bad addition to your boozy bowl. Toss in vodka, lemonade, and club soda for pop, and this concoction bursts with varied flavors. 

An easy, eerie add-on is an iced ‘severed hand,’ achieved by filling a rubber glove with water, freezing it, and removing the glove to allow the hand to dance, uninhibited, in a serving dish. 

Michael Myers, #joji_martinez

This ode to John Carpenter’s Haddonfield, Illinois killer, slaying since 1978, is a perfect tasty addition to the ninth installment in the Halloween series, 2021’s Halloween Kills

First, rim a rocks glass with black (hearted?) sugar and then rock cinnamon whiskey and caramel vodka over ice. Post providing the sweet and the spice, the white-faced killer pop comes with orange juice and pumpkin cider (with a dash of bitters for earthen balance). 

As for the mini-Michael Myers Bighead figurine, you’re going to have to ask Joji.

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Slayer’s Blood, #secretofthebooze

Another edition from #secretofthebooze, this drink wins for its candied apple rim. Slayer’s Blood, the Buffy-inspired cocktail, begins with a glass gilded in hard candy. Even though it might ruin the dipped coupe glass, the dripping blood effect from the corn syrup broth will have hearts stopping.

The actual drink is a mix of fresh-squeezed lime, pomegranate juice, blood orange juice, vodka, and simple syrup shaken over ice. (Feel free to add or remove sugar as you like.)

The ruby red finished product goes perfectly with the (optional) red leather jacket. 

Smoking Mocktail, #molly.blackwell

For the non-drinkers out there, #molly.blackwell fixes up a mean, smoking martini mocktail. (Just don’t actually drink the dry ice version because you’ll die.)

Rimmed with sugar and topped with cranberry juice, lemon-lime soda, and an Airheads taffy twist, you or your kids won’t even need to go trick-or-treating they’ll be so hopped on sugar.

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