The Portland Press: The Classic Coffeemaker Reimagined

If you drink your coffee black as night, then you should definitely get yourself a French press. They’re elegant, simple to use and clean, and perfect for brewing that bold, black-tar coffee you love so much. But don’t whip out your wallet and spring for just any old French press – they’re not all created equal. Most that you can buy in stores are designed with extremely thin walls, and while thinner glass does help to keep your coffee hot, it also makes the press incredibly fragile. We’re not just talking about dropping them either – we’ve seen cheaper ones crack just from temperature shock.

So, if you’re planning to buy a French press, we suggest you spring for a durable one that’ll withstand your daily use and survive being put in a box if you ever decide to move. The Portland Press is just that kind of press.

Designed by PDX industrial design company Bucket, the Portland Press is designed to last a lifetime. The entire thing is made from four basic materials: wood, glass, wool, and steel – all of which are sourced and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest. The hardrock maple lid is CNC milled by a woodcrafting company in Hillsboro, just West of Portland, and the wool cozy is sourced from sheep in Brownsville, just South of OSU. It’s then shipped a few miles north to be woven into fabric at a fiber mill in Lebanon, and finally makes the journey back up to Portland to be sewn together by a company named SpoolTown. As for the steel parts that make up the filter mechanism, they’re all manufactured by Custom Stamping & Manufacturing – a family run company that’s been in Portland for over 50 years.

But aside from its hyperlocalized manufacturing process, the thing that sets this press apart from your typical French press is the glass. Rather than using a thin walled beaker, the Portand Press makes use of a sturdy, reliable mason jar that’s far less prone to cracking. It’s designed to be super durable, but even in the event that something does break, you’ve no need to worry – the Portland Press is backed by Bucket’s lifetime warranty. Just send it in if something breaks, and they’ll replace it free of charge. Buy one of these badboys, and you’ll quite literally never have to purchase another one as long as you live.

Now that Bucket has just completed a successful crowdfunding campaign, they’ve opened up pre-orders for the Portland Press on their website. It’ll only put you back about $120. Find out more at

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