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We first came to know Jessica Koslow, the mastermind behind SQIRL as a producer for American Idol. How she transitioned from the role of producer to genius purveyor of jams and preserves is pretty straight forward: do what you love with integrity, pride, and talent and success will follow. SQIRL (pronounced squirrel) works with organic farmers closely located to the kitchen in the truest sense of farm to table freshness as well as sustainable happiness for the land they farm.

With jams and jellies made in small batches in flavors like wild blueberry & tarragon or blackberry & Meyer lemon, to name a few, you are bound to find something to your liking and surprise your tastebuds in the process. Our personal favorite is an apple butter that reminds us of the kind of jam grandmama used to make.

SQIRL is the ‘jam’ (we couldn’t help it) but it isn’t only just about that – they serve up some of the greatest breakfasts and lunches in LA: poached egg on a bed of roasted brussels sprouts or a tomato rubbed prosciutto sandwich are just a sampling of the ever changing menu. Jessica personally teaches classes on the art of making preserves as well as she told us,  “Everyone should know what preservation means as a craft.”

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