Stuff Your Stocking with Shurky Jurky

shurky jurky
We know that you just put away your Halloween costume, but we’re now in the first full week of November and it’s already time to start thinking about holiday gifts.

It may be a stressful thought, but we at The Manual are here to provide you with plenty of ideas. One of those ideas comes from the great state of Oregon (full disclosure: it’s where our corporate offices are based), where Shurky Jurky, a brand new jerky on the market is looking to win you over with their revolutionary “rip and tear” jerkies.

Founded in 2010 by the husband and wife team of Mike Shur and Meg Stack, Shurky Jurky takes pride in creating gourmet jerky that is unlike any other product on the market today. Mike and Meg’s jerkies are handmade from scratch using no sugars (or other “crap” as they like to boast) and feature a unique mix of meat and fruit to provide an authentic texture. The couple is devoted to providing a healthy jerky that is natural and delicious.

Shurky Jurky currently comes in beef, pork, turkey and bison varieties. Each type of meat is sourced as locally as possible with the beef coming from grass-fed cattle of the Pacific Northwest, the pork and turkey from family farms in Oregon, and the bison from 100% pasture-raised buffalo that are farmed in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way. The jerky is available in two distinct styles. Cowboy, when the meat is cut with the grain for a more old-fashioned approach; and City Slicker, which is a more contemporary, softer chew of jerky.

Each meat can be purchased in one of Shurky Jurky’s five distinct flavors: traditional smoked, peppered, spicy, guajillo chile and sesame. The traditional smoked jerky speaks for itself. For peppered, the meat is covered with coarse black pepper for a flavor that is not too spicy or hot, but full of taste-bud tingling flavor. Spicy is for those of you who like real, red chile pepper heat, while guajillo chile features a more blended, mild, sweet and tangy Mexican flavor. Finally, sesame will satisfy those who like more of an Asian approach to their smoked meats.

In addition to their jerkies, Shurky Jurky also sells their own specialty marinade; a side of the business that was spearheaded by Meg. The marinade provides the base flavor for each variety of jerky and is made from scratch using fresh pineapple, Bragg liquid or coconut aminos and a trademarked blend of spices. True to their healthy vision, Shurky Jurky’s marinade features no sugar and lower amounts of sodium than the average market jerky.

With the holiday countdown already on, it’s time to take a hard look at Shurky Jurky as a go-to gift item. These jerkies, as well as the marinade, would work well as stocking stuffers, a present for a co-worker, or just something to bring to one of the many holiday parties that will soon be filling up your schedule.

Who says no to high-quality, homemade jerky?

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