Sailor Jerry Rum Releases First New Product in Almost 20 Years, Savage Apple

sailor jerry savage apple rum release 2

By now, you’ve probably heard of (or at least seen a bottle of) Sailor Jerry Rum. The spiced rum, named for one of the most, if not the most, influential tattoo artists in the United States, Norman Collins, has been a staple at bars across the world since its inception 19 years ago. It has been mixed into just about everything, surpassing the million-case mark for sales, and currently sits as the second-best-selling spiced rum in the world. Now, the brand is pushing for even more by adding to their product line with a new flavor, Savage Apple.

Coming in at 35% alcohol by volume, the new spirit takes the sweet and spicy taste of traditional Sailor Jerry that we all immediately recognize and adds more cinnamon and fresh green apple notes to the mix, creating a bold yet fresh-tasting flavored rum.

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“Savage Apple is an amazing addition to the Sailor Jerry story. This is the first new product we’ve ever released, and it is a fantastic liquid; one we know our fans will enjoy for its quality and bold nature,” said Anthony Bohlinger, Sailor Jerry Brand Ambassador.

The release is meant to reflect the ideology of Collins, who made a name for himself tattooing sailors during World War II, but with a more playful flair. (If you don’t know the story of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, check it out here.)

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Like the original Sailor Jerry rum, Savage Apple will feature Collins’ artwork, specifically a re-creation of his tiger flash design, this time holding an apple in its teeth.

While it can be consumed on its own (and chilled), we suggest trying it in a cocktail like a mule – the snap of the ginger beer will liven up the apple flavors and make everything pop. Not feeling a mule? Why not try something a little different and do a rum and tonic? You might be surprised how much you like it. If you need some tonic suggestions, check out this list for the best of the best.

Currently only available in Florida and New York, Sailor Jerry Savage Apple will roll out nationwide this fall. It retails for around $16.

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