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Roast Coffee Beans in 10 Minutes With the Zen Roast

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Have you ever tasted the difference between a cup of coffee made from freshly roasted beans, and one that was made from beans that weren’t freshly roasted? It’s a world of difference. But roasting beans at home can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be so hard now. The Japanese have been using the horoku, which is used to roast sesame seeds and tea leaves.

Zen Roast redesigned the horoku, turning it into a modern day tool for daily use. The simple rounded form is handcrafted in Japan and made with heat-resistant ceramic. The handle is covered with leather, and you can even select the color of the stitching. To get freshly roasted coffee beans, simply put them inside of the horoku over an open plane. Shake it around to make sure the beans don’t burn. Then blow chaff from the handle. Roasting the beans may take five to 10 minutes depending on the kind level of roast you’d like for your coffee. After that, place the roasted beans on the kitchen net so that they can cool down.

The roasted beans will remain fresh for three days, and for three hours after they’re placed in the coffee grinder. “Roasting with this primitive tool will make you feeling more simple,” reads Zen Roast’s website. “You can make your favorite coffee without a huge machine, without computers, and no electricity. Just get some green beans, you can make a cup of coffee.” Get the Zen Roast and taste the difference, there’s no doubt that the flavor will be more robust than usual.

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