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Obermeyer and Crooked Stave’s Limited-Edition Après Pilsner

Possibly the best benefit of snow sports, besides blasting down a stunningly beautiful mountain slope, is the party afterward. Whether it’s in the lodge, around a fire pit, or at the party in the parking lot (for the non-drivers), there’s nothing better for adrenaline-filled veins than a cold drink. And what better place to toast to that ritual than in the Rocky Mountains?

Aspen-based winter apparel maker Obermeyer and Denver-based artisan brewer Crooked Stave apparently felt the same, as the two combined to create a collaborative brew that celebrates the snow ceremony, in addition to their anniversaries as Centennial State mainstays. Released on Monday, January 17, Après Pils is a limited-edition German-style pilsner that at once acknowledges Obermeyer outerwear’s 75th (diamond) anniversary and Crooked Stave’s 11th year in the Mile-High City. The brewery, known for sours and distinct fruit-forward brews, decided to tip its cap to snow sports as it expands into European styles.

Obermeyer and Crooked Stave's Après Pils cans.
Obermeyer x Crooked Stave

“This collaboration is two companies coming together to celebrate the many years of creating artisan products that represent the Colorado lifestyle. We are thrilled to partner with Obermeyer and create a beer that represents both companies’ commitments to quality and passion,” Kaleigh Armitage, Crooked Stave’s sales and marketing manager,  said in a statement.

Post sharing a Denver distribution warehouse, the craft brewer discovered that it has more in common with Obermeyer than a similar location. Each “small but mighty” brand thrives through a commitment to quality and sustainable practices. This is an ethos that produces quality results from a devotion to a handcrafted process that honors Colorado’s outdoor winter life.

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“Incredible snow sports and exceptional craft beer are two of Colorado’s biggest attractions,” Obermeyer COO Greg Bannister said. “The collaboration not only pays tribute to our heritage, but our deep-rooted commitment to enabling memorable experiences — whether that be on the slopes or sipping local beer with friends and family.”

Pilsner is perfect for either après ski option. The style is generally a golden light-bodied lager, a slightly bitter beer with an excellent, foamy head sporting a subtle floral hop aroma. For those unfamiliar with the term, après-ski is a French term that translates literally to “after ski” or “after skiing.” It can refer to any post-snow activity, from champagne toasts on Chamonix terraces to Crooked Stave x Obermeyer-partnered pilsner sipped at Colorado ski resorts.

The limited, special edition Après Pils is available on tap and in four-packs of 16-ounce cans throughout Colorado. This of course includes the Crooked Stave Denver and Fort Collins taprooms.

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