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North Drinkware Unveils New Obsidian Glassware Line

Experience some of the Pacific Northwest’s highest mountain peaks through a North Drinkware Obsidian Glass — available now until April 10th.

In February 2015, three adventurous friends (Matt, Leigh, and Nic) launched their Kickstarter campaign for North Drinkware’s first product,  The Oregon Pint — a simple pint glass with a robust carving of Oregon’s Mt. Hood blown into the bottom. After just five hours, the project eclipsed the $15,000 goal, ultimately amassing over $500,000 when the campaign reached its conclusion.

Now, the Portland, Oregon based company works with local partner Elements Glass to produce pint glasses for fellow lovers of craft beer and the outdoors. Their newest creation, the Obsidian Glassware line, again pays homage to the PNW, only this time the collection features handblown glasses in both pint and tumbler sizes.

These glasses, which feature renditions of either Mt. Hood or Washington State’s Mt. Rainier, come in a beautiful and bold Obsidian black tint. North Drinkware’s handmade glasses are lead-free, dishwasher safe, and are packaged individually with custom topographic map newsprint. Each glass runs at $50 a piece, while they also offer some $45 posters and head swag to match the glassware.

Not only will you like them, but North Drinkware is a crowd pleaser. The next time you have the boys over to toss a few back, have them pull one of these smokey glasses out of the cupboard and be amazed.

As mentioned above, these glasses will only be available for a limited amount of time — until April 10th. So, if you’re interested, act now.

Bryan Holt
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