Cocktail Hour: How to Make the Marty McRye, BBQ’s Perfect Pairing

When getting down on a plate of BBQ, you might as well go whole hog and have a serious drink. Why waste your time with a light G&T when we have the robust Marty McRye?

We discovered this gem of a drink down at Poogan’s Smokehouse in Charleston, South Carolina. As the bartender Jimmy O’Riordan described it to us, “The Marty McRye was a spicy, sweet take on a classic cocktail. A great drink from the 50s, 80s, and for today.” Now if it only came with a hover board.

The Marty McRye

Marty-McRye 2


  • 1 oz. High West Double Rye
  • .5 oz. Hoodoo Chickorey Liqueur
  • a splash of lemon juice/brown sugar mixture
  • 2 dashes of Aztec Chocolate Bitters

Method: Add all ingredients, shake, then strain over ice and garnish with an orange peel.