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Make Iced Coffee In One Minute With the HyperChiller

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It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer; some of us prefer iced coffee all year round. Unfortunately iced coffee can be more of a pain to make than regular coffee. If it’s cold brewed you have to wait hours for a cup, if it’s warm brewed, you still have to wait a long time for it to chill. If you add ice right after the coffee is brewed, it gets watered down. But now, thanks to a contraption called the HyperChiller, a cup of iced coffee can be yours in one minute — without any dilution.

First you must freeze the HyperChiller. Then, brew fresh coffee from a single serve brewer directly into the HyperChiller. Next, swirl it around every few seconds to allow the coffee to circulate around the HyperChiller. After one minute, the coffee’s temperature will have dropped by as much as 130 degrees. Now all you have to do is pour it over ice and there you have it, a fresh cup of ice cold coffee.

Just think about how much money and time you would save by using the HyperChiller at your home and office. No more trips to Starbucks! No more spending $3 to $4 for each cup of cold brew or iced coffee you buy. Think about all the things you could because of the HyperChiller now that you have that iced coffee and more time and money. Plus, the HyperChiller is a really useful gift for anybody in your life who loves iced coffee.

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