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Level-Up Your Drinking with NewAir’s 177-Can Mini Beverage Fridge

Unless you’ve properly trained your dog, you’re probably still getting up and walking to the kitchen to fetch your own beer or Hard Claw. But this is 2020. There’s no reason to live like a one-fridge peasant without an extra beverage fridge in each of your favorite rooms. It’s time to upgrade your home or apartment with a legit beverage cooler. Thankfully, NewAir has the solution with wide selection of beverage fridges.

24-inch NewAir 177 Can Beverage Fridge in Stainless Steel

NewAir’s 24-inch 177 Can Beverage Fridge is a mini beverage fridge that has all the company’s popular key features built-in. The 24-inch (versus the 15-inch) edition is bigger and better in every way, now offering a 177-can capacity and a host of other features. By the numbers, that’s enough space for almost 30 six-packs. With removable black chrome shelving, the interior is flexible enough to allow for taller cans and bottles, too. So, it’s configurable not just for beer and soda, but wine bottles, kombucha, and whatever else quenches your thirst. Plus, strong internal insulation and an easy-touch digital display allow you to set and maintain the precise temperature for your collection. A built-in alarm even alerts you if you’ve left the door open too long.

Despite its sizable capacity, the 24-inch beverage fridge can be used as either a freestanding or under-the-counter beverage fridge to maximize your space. It’s designed to blend seamlessly into your kitchen cabinetry or to work as a standalone unit in any other room where you need easy access to chilled beverages. The exterior features a seamless stainless steel door with a flush-mounted hinge and pro-style handle for a look that fits any décor. It’s sleek, modern, and contemporary with an elevated aesthetic. NewAir also ups the ante with built-in multicolor LED lights to show off your craft beer collection to your guests.

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NewAir offers a long list of niche kitchen appliances to take your home bar, living room, game room — hell, even bathroom if that’s how you roll — to the next level. In addition to some of the best beverage fridges, the brand’s catalog includes various wine fridges from an ultra-compact seven-bottle version to a flagship 116-bottle dual-zone compressor model. Plus, NewAir’s premium ice makers and humidors can elevate and personalize any man cave to the next level.

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