KFC Made a Log That Smells Like Fried Chicken (We’re Not Kidding)

This holiday season, KFC is taking the phrase “Season’s Greetings” to a whole new level. Actually, they’re probably abandoning “Season’s Greetings” in favor of “Seasoning’s Greetings” with the introduction of an herby, spicy, fried chicken-scented fire log.

The KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Fire Log, which is made by Enviro-Log, is a 5-pound log that can burn between 2.5-3 hours and, as we said, is supposedly scented like fried chicken. It is made from 100-percent recycled materials and is “the result of countless hours of research and development, all done over the last couple of months since we had this idea,” according to the company.

kfc fire log

This isn’t the first time KFC has gone off the proverbial rails when it comes to promotional gifts and gags. Earlier this year, the brand gave away Colonel Sanders pool floaties, which held an entire bucket of fried chicken (now with more chlorine!). You have to give it to them because this team knows how to capitalize on a season(ing).

The KFC Fire Log is being sold for $19 exclusively through the official site, but — sadly — they are already sold out. It’s hard to say how many KFC made for this stunt, but whatever the number was, they’re gone.

According to the site, KFC is quite set in the belief that it smells like fried chicken, adding the following warnings:

  • “May result in a craving for fried chicken. We know the fire log smells great, but please do not attempt to eat it.”
  • “May attract bears or neighbors who are hungry.”
  • “Please don’t put face directly into fire in attempt to smell fried chicken.”

If it actually smells like fried chicken is a whole other story that we cannot confirm or deny (though we did try and order one as soon as we found out).

The last question we had about the fire log concerned how exactly Enviro-Log got the fried chicken scent in there. We’ve come up with a list of ways that sound about as logical as the phrase “fried chicken-scented fire log.” They are:

  • Rubbing freshly-fried pieces of chicken on pre-made fire logs.
  • Using a flavor injector as one would with a turkey.
  • Soaking fire logs in used frying oil.
  • Magic.

Clearly, any of the above could be viable options. If this sounded like a good idea for a holiday gift, we recommend getting something actually useful such as a nice bottle of booze, or a great stocking stuffer.

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