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keep your coffee close with illy

keep your coffee close with illy
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You know what they say – keep your coffee close, and your coffee machine closer.

So what could be better than waking up to a cup of hot coffee? Having the machine that makes that hot cup of coffee by your side all day.

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The ILLY Y5 Duo is the famous coffee brand’s newest device – simply designed – and compact enough that you’ll be able to keep it by your side or at your desk.

ILLY machines, much like their coffee, utilize the highest quality standards including a proprietary brewing technology that never allows the coffee to come in contact with the machine itself. This will insure the purist instant espresso or coffee experience you’ve ever had – hands down.

Individual single serve brewed coffee capsules feature high-tech mini filters that are calibrated to brew full bodied, rich cups of coffee – a smooth experience consistent with the flavor illy is known for. Each capsule contains nine types of sustainably grown Arabica beans (directly purchased from the growers by the way).

Disclaimer: The only issue with this machine – you’ll need to think of new tasks for the interns.

Purchase the ILLY Y5 Duo here – and check out other ILLY products on their official website. 

And since summer is on the way, we’ve thought it would be best to share an iced coffee recipe for you to play around with.

The ILLY Espressoda


8 oz. club soda

1 oz. illy espresso

1 oz. vanilla syrup

  • Directions:
  1. Fill a standard 10-ounce latte glass to the top with fresh ice
  2. Add club soda, leaving a bit of room on top for illy espresso
  3. Add vanilla syrup and stir
  4. Prepare 1 shot of illy espresso using illy’s new Y5 Duo and pour over soda; chill if desired

To enjoy the Espressoda as an after work treat – fill the glass with ice, add 1/2 ounce vodka or rum (avoid citrus or bitter flavored spirits), then add the soda and vanilla, before topping with the illy espresso.

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This one is not that hard — any old spoon will do. This tool will be helpful at the end of the brewing process. 
Filtered water 
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Water temperature is key when it comes to crafting a pour-over. Ideally, you should look into getting a goose-neck electric kettle. A normal electric kettle will work too; it will just be more challenging to get a consistent pour. A pouring kettle is not recommended as you may lose valuable temperature as you transfer the hot water from its source. 
Coffee beans 
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A burr grinder will offer even, uniform grounds. An electric burr grinder will cut down on time but if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can also use a hand grinder. 
Purchase paper filters specifically made for pour-over cones. Fast papers will aid in the drawdown process but they are not a requirement. 

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