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Jack Daniel’s Kicks Off Summer with a Citrusy Cocktail in a Bottle

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Are you already counting down the days to June 21st? Well, dramatically toss away that tear-away calendar because summer is coming early this year and it tastes like grapefruit. Jack Daniel’s just expanded their Country Cocktails line with a new flavor called Southern Citrus, and it is dangerously delicious.

One might write off these bottled cocktails as being in the same vein of, say, a Mike’s Hard Lemonade, but that would be a mistake. Whiskey often falls to the wayside in the summer, so having a whiskey drink that cools rather than burns on the way down is a welcome addition to any fridge, cooler, or barbecue.

“Friends of Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails will have a new flavor to reach for this summer,” said Lisa Hunter, Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktail Brand Director, in a statement. “For Southern Citrus, we used the ripe medley of citrus fruits to create the perfect summer drink for easy entertaining at home or enjoying during your favorite warm-weather activities.”

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Southern Citrus combines grapefruit and other refreshing citrus flavors for a pleasant, almost mocktail-like experience. Each bottle only has a 4.8% alcohol by volume thanks to subtle hints of Jack Daniel’s classic Tennessee Whiskey. The sweet, light citrus flavors make it far too easy to kill a bottle, reminiscent of a hard seltzer, and the alcohol will eventually catch up to you.

If grapefruit isn’t really your thing, there are seven other flavors you can choose from: Berry Punch, Black Jack Cola, Cherry Limeade, Downhome Punch, Lynchburg Lemonade, Southern Peach, and Watermelon Punch. The Country Cocktail line started nearly 30 years ago and has only grown in size and popularity over the years.

The rest of the colorful cocktails have the same alcohol content as Southern Citrus, accompanied by a similar casual decadence. These pre-made cocktails allow you to spend less time mixing and more time drinking, socializing, and having the best possible summer.

Southern Citrus six-packs started rolling out across the country this May and you can likely find some near you for about $8. At such a reasonable price and such an enjoyable flavor profile, maybe you should get more than just one six-pack if you’re planning on sharing.

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