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Save $60 on an Igloo Countertop Ice Maker and Have Your Drinks on the Rocks

Igloo countertop ice maker in red with adult drinks.

You can’t have a proper drink without ice, whether you’re talking about refreshing ice water, an adult beverage, or some lemonade. Luckily, modern refrigerators come with an ice maker, and as long as you keep it running, you’ll have a steady supply of drink-ready cubes. But sometimes, even the best ice makers cannot keep up, especially if you have a large gathering or party going on. Worse yet, if everyone is gathered outdoors or in another part of the home, it can make distributing ice a bit more difficult.

Ice trays aren’t the most convenient option out there, but there are plenty of neat ones if that’s what you want to do. You could also go the traditional route and fill a cooler with ice, but it will melt quickly. Or, you could go with a smaller unit, like the Igloo ICEB26RR Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker. It uses its own water supply, with a 3-quart tank that you can fill, and refill as needed. It does not need to be connected to a water line, but it will need power. So, as long as there’s an outlet nearby, you can place it just about anywhere.

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You can see that Igloo ice maker, and learn more about it below.

Drinks On the Rocks Anywhere, Anytime

Igloo ICEB26RR Portable Countertop Ice Maker in red with food and drink.

After placing the Igloo ICEB26RR somewhere in your home, or outside, and filling it with water, you can get down to business.

In just 24 hours it can make up to 26 pounds of ice, or it can have 9 ice cubes ready in about 7 minutes – that’s pretty quick! It’s also perfect for placing on a picnic table, patio, or bar countertop in a gathering area. Some other ideas include adding it to a home office, den, playroom, garage, upstairs area, or basement. Basically, anywhere that doesn’t have easy access to the existing refrigerator or ice maker in your home.

It comes in a host of vibrant colors, so you can match décor, or just choose your favorite. For example, the red is a bright, almost candy apple or fire engine shade. There’s also aqua blue, all-black, white, and stainless steel. A transparent lid on top makes it easy to see how much ice has been prepared too, while a removable basket and scoop makes collecting the ice – and adding it to your cup – quick and painless.

The ice cubes produced are clear, rather than opaque, and you can choose between small or large-sized cubes, with the bigger size taking a little longer to make. A convenient drain plug eliminates the hassle of emptying and cleaning the machine when you’re all done.

There is one downside. The ice produced does not stay cold and frozen in the machine for long, so you’ll have to remove it and place it in a cooler if you need a larger supply. However, as the ice melts, the water is recycled and the machine will produce more cubes, so it never truly goes to waste.

If all of that sounds wonderful to you, you’ll be ecstatic to know it’s on sale right now, in several colors. Normally $160, you can nab the Igloo ICEB26RR in red for $100 with free shipping. That’s 37% off the list price, for a savings of $60. The aqua, white, and all-black models are also on sale, although they’re slightly more expensive, up to $150 for the priciest variant, with a smaller discount.

Either way, you can have this portable ice maker in your home within the next few days, and ready to kick out some beverage-friendly cubes! Bourbon on the rocks anyone?

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