Hamptons Salt Company: The chef secret to great BBQ

sea salt
If you’re looking to win the title of “grill master” during summer-time backyard BBQs, there’s a secret ingredient you should stock in your pantry. It comes from the Hamptons Salt Company—salts to enhance your barbecue.

This awesome little company sources its salts from all over the globe. They contain natural essential minerals and never have additive ingredients like common iodized salts. That’s exactly why Peter Pierce founded the company. Once he became aware of all the chemical-laden table salt, he searched for a way to provide a safe, delicious alternative for his kids.

While there are many choices, we suggest the Grill Master Collection, which includes smoky Hickory, flavorful Mesquite and distinct Espresso. Perfect for meats, poultry and vegetables. The collection arrives in a beautiful black box—so it’s also perfect as a gift for your host if you’re invited to any barbecue parties this summer. And if you need further proof that this salt is no joke, just check out all of the chefs who are fans!

Here are some ideas for how to use each of the three salts in this collection:

Espresso salt:

It is great on pork, chicken and beef.  Rub it on a steak before you toss it on the grill and you’ll be amazed at how it enhances the flavor.

Smoked Hickory:

Brings out the flavors of ribs, burgers, red meat, turkey and poultry. But you can also sprinkle over your salad for an instant BBQ flavor.

Smoked Mesquite:

They call this call this Texas BBQ in a bottle! This salt can instantly add a Southwest flavor to any dish. The company takes an all-natural sea salt and then smokes it over genuine Mesquite wood. Works well for any red meat or poultry.

The Grill Master Collection sells for $59.99.

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