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Fresh Start: Kick Off 2015 With a Cleanse

2015 is finally here. You probably drank and ate your way through December with all those holiday celebrations and feasts filled with eggnog, mulled wine, champagne, ham, turkey and all that good stuff that comes with the season. Do you feel a little sluggish and slower because of it? We bet you do! With the New Year and slow schedule, now is the perfect time to revive and reset your body with the a cleanse. Are you a little skeptical about the thought of going on a juice cleanse after all those weeks of delicious food?  “It’s really a rest for your organs, you don’t have to process all that food and you can just let your system cleanse,” said JuicePress health coach Eva Collins. “It helps your system be more alkaline, and that’s going to be wonderful because it helps prevent disease.”

Scared of the commitment of a liquid diet? Cleanses can be as short as ½ a day, and go all the way up to 30 days. Some people do it regularly — once a week or once a month! “You’re getting all of the nutrients and enzymes from all of the foods without the bulk food that comes with it, that fiber, since your body doesn’t have to break down all the food with it, those nutrients can go straight to your bloodstream,” said Collins. Sounds good to us, plus it must be better than eating junk food. Need a little help figuring out the best cleanse? Look no further, we sorted a few out for you:

JuicePress Juice Cleanse
Plans: There are a number of options, including the NYC Cleanse (six drinks/day; one-day, $60.96; two-day, $121.92); The Original Six Juices-a-Day Cleanse, $66.94; and The ½ Day Cleanse, (two juices and a smoothie, $35.05).

Sample Menu: Dr. Green Juice — red apple juice, pineapple juice, kale juice, lemon juice, and ginger juice; Gravity, cucumber, celery, lemon, kale, and e3 live; Dr. Earth — apple, kale, cucumber, celery, pineapple, Swiss chard, lemon, dandelion, parsley, and ginger; Lait de Coconut —blended raw coconut water with coconut meat; Fountain of Youth — young Thai coconut water, banana, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, raw agave nectar, hemp protein, and coconut oil; and Spicy Citrus — squeezed grapefruit, orange, lemon, ginger, cayenne powder.

Good For: Those who want all the information; JuicePress has health coaches who can help you find your ideal cleanse, no matter what your preferences.

Real Food Works Soup Cleanse
The Soup Cleanse, six soups/day, $68 each day.

Sample Menu: Detox — a kale and cauliflower soup brightened with ginger to start your day off right; Shine — this carrot curry soup has the perfect blend of spices to get you moving; Purify — spinach and broccoli power you through the middle of the day; Energize — a crimson afternoon pick-me-up loaded with beets and orange; Replenish — romaine lettuce and tomatillo add variety to your greens; and Transcend —savor this clean and healthy cucumber, melon and mint dessert finale.

Good For: Those who don’t like the idea of drinking cold liquid all day. The soups have plenty of fiber.

Harmony Cleanse (Seven Drinks/Day; one-day, $62; three-day, $186; five-day, $310), Green Power Cleanse (Six Drinks/Day, one-day, $62; three-day, $186; five-day, $310)

Sample Menu: Lemon Oasis — lemon, ginger, licorice, hibiscus, safflower and sea salt; Protein Warrior — kale, Blueberry, Banana, Cacao, Vegan Protein, and Coconut Water; Sweet & Spicy Greens; Kalefornia — dark leafy greens blended with banana, kiwi, date, blueberries and coconut water; Wholly Cacao — blended with chia and sunflower seeds, cacao and coconut water; Sweet & Spicy Greens; Heavenly Hemp — organic hemp seeds, organic dates, organic coconut nectar.

Good For: Those who could use a more substantial liquid cleanse.

BluePrint Cleanse
Renovation Cleanse (Six juices/day), Foundation Cleanse, (Six juices/day), Excavation Cleanse (six juices/day)

Sample Menu: From BluePrint: “The Renovation Cleanse fills you up with six delicious juices per day—a combination of creamy cashew nut milk with vanilla and cinnamon, combination fruit juices like pineapple & mint, refreshing lemonades with agave nectar and nourishing green juices.”

Good For: Cleanse purists; this was the one that helped start the juice cleanse trend!

Cooler Cleanse
3-Day Cooler Cleanse (six juices, $58 a day); The Raw Cooler cleanse (juices and raw foods, $72 a day).

Sample Menu: Sweet Greens — kale, watermelon, apple, and lemon; Pineapple & Ginger — pineapple and ginger; Essential Green — cucumber, kale, parsley, celery, apple, spinach, romaine, and lemon; Spicy Lemonade — lemon, lime, cayenne pepper, raw agave, and filtered water; Essential Red — carrot, beet, apple, and lemon; and Almond Nut Milk —  raw almonds, vanilla bean, dates, and filtered water.

Good For: According to Cooler Cleanse, “This cleanse is best for anyone looking to feel lighter and brighter from the inside out.”

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