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For better chilled drinks, chill your glass not your liquid

Too much ice makes everything watery, and who wants that?

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With a heat wave sweeping over much of the U.S., Mexico, and Europe, everyone is looking for a way to cool down. And you surely know this, but it bears repeating — be very careful drinking alcohol when it’s hot out. Alcohol can dehydrate you so it’s best avoided during the hot parts of the day, and you should chug plenty of water instead.

But if you’re looking for a way to cool your drinks, whether it’s soda during the day or a alcoholic drink later at night once the temperatures have dropped, then there are some tips from the world of cocktails that can make your beverages more refreshing.

While it’s tempting to simply dump a ton of ice into your glass to keep your drink cold, that has the unfortunate effect of diluting whatever you’re drinking. Not only that, if you’re using typical old ice from the freezer then it will carry off-tastes from food stored there as well, and no one wants a beverage that tastes like old bread.

One option is to use whiskey stones, which are solid blocks typically made of stone that you keep in the freezer and which can lower the temperature of your drink without diluting it. If you have them, go ahead and throw them in your soft drinks as well.

The other option is to use a single, large ice cube instead of many smaller ones. This will lower the temperature of the drink but won’t melt so fast thanks to its smaller surface area.

But the best option can be to chill the glass you’re serving your drinks in. Glass holds temperature better than you’d imagine, so a cold glass will help your drink stay nice and frosty. If you have a large enough freezer then chuck your glassware in there for a few hours before use. If you have a smaller freezer, then take your glass and fill it with ice cubes and a bit of water then give it a really good swirl. That will chill your glass nicely too and help keep your drink cold for longer.

Georgina Torbet
Georgina Torbet is a cocktail enthusiast based in Berlin, with an ever-growing gin collection and a love for trying out new…
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