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Booker’s Bourbon Gives You “The Center Cut”

Booker's Bourbon
Booker's Batch LabelWith the sudden onrush of summer, we looked around and realized that our friends at Booker’s Bourbon have released yet another of their 2015 limited edition small-batch whiskies.

Back in March, we covered Booker’s Batch 2015-01, “Big Man, Small Batch”, which kicked off the year’s specialty releases. Since that time, Batch 2015-02 (or “Dot’s Batch”) was slowly unveiled to liquor retailers. That bottle’s label featured Booker Noe’s “cherished Jack Russell Terrier”, Dot, and was lower in both age (only seven years and not seven years and two months) and proof (127.9 instead of 128.7).

Now, we have Booker’s Batch 2015-03, “The Center Cut.” This latest batch has been selected with the help of a select group of whiskey experts and enthusiasts, as well as local Louisville chef, Coby Ming, who leant her culinary knowledge to the selection process so that the resulting batch would have an ideal flavor profile for food pairing.

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The goal for “The Center Cut” was to bottle a bourbon that perfectly captured Booker Noe’s love of both the center of his whiskey rackhouse, as well as the center cut of a piece of meat. Booker Noe favored aging his whiskey at the center of his rackhouse (the 5th floor) so that each bourbon contained the unique, robust flavor that Booker’s has become known for.

Like most Booker’s Bourbons, this one is strong. It’s 127.2 proof (63.6% alcohol) and aged 7 years, 2 months and 28 days.

So, feel free to grab yourself a nice cut of meat from the butcher and then grab a limited edition bottle of Booker’s “The Center Cut” (it’ll only cost you about $60). It’s a perfect marriage of flavor that any man can enjoy; and one that Booker Noe would want you to enjoy.

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