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9 Delicious Veggie Burger Brands For Your Next Vegetarian Barbecue

How do you like your burger? Medium, well done, or plant-based? Over the years, veggie burgers have evolved far past the black bean patties of the past. The push for a healthier, more sustainable protein has brought a herd of new technologies to the vegan food industry. Now there are chicken filets, ground meatloaf, and even burgers that bleed. While some of these meat replacements claim to be able to convert even the savviest of carnivores, the true test is in the taste. If you are thinking of making the switch to a vegetarian diet, here are the best veggie burgers to buy now.


A leader in the plant-based burger movement, the Impossible Burger has been making life without beef possible for years. Their signature patties have made it into the mainstream and are now sold at Burger Kings nationwide.

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Beyond Meat Beyond Burger

Another shockingly realistic veggie-based burger, Beyond Meat makes a variety of beef replacements. Their burgers are so close in flavor and texture to meat, it can be hard to tell it’s not the real thing.

Boca Turk’y Burger

One of the first on the market, Boca has been on the veggie burger scene since the 70s. Their version of the turkey burger is juicy, delicious, and shockingly, bird-free.

Amys California Veggie Burger

Everyone loves Amy’s for their organic on-the-go goods and now they’ve moved into the burger game. These nut- and grain-based patties aren’t meant to taste like meat but they stack up in nutrients and flavor to the rest.

Alpha Foods Chik’n Burger

These kickin’ faux fried cutlets are some of the best in the plant-based poultry world. With a crispy breading and juicy texture, these are sure to satisfy your chicken cravings.

Sweet Earth Bacon Veggie Burger

Bringing plant-based bacon into their burgers, Sweet Earth has created hearty, healthy tender patties that are among the most well-seasoned vegan patties in stores.

Quorn Vegan Meatless Spicy Patties

Quorn’s Mycoprotein patties are filled with a little spice and everything else nice that you’d expect in a veggie burger with a bit of heat for an added surprise.

World’s Best Veggie Burgers by Hilary’s

Toted as the World’s Best back in 2005, Hilary’s burgers are filled with whole grain millet, sweet potato, and leafy greens for a veggie burger that definitely lives up to the name.

The Live Green Co Burgers

This Chilean-based plant-based brand has made a variety of imitation meat burgers. They offer patties made from mung beans, chickpeas, black beans, and a meat-like mushroom burger.

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