The Best Hams to Cook for Your Easter Feast

Easter is happening this Sunday, and despite everyone adhering to social distancing policies, you will likely still need some meat on the table. When it comes to planning your holiday spread, you can’t go wrong with a choice ham and some classic sides. To help you get started planning the perfect menu, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best Easter hams.

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Whether you’re looking for a honey-glazed ham or something saltier and more savory (like a good ol’ country ham), you’ll find a little bit of everything on the list below.

Pig of the Month BBQ Maple Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham – $69

Paul Poplis/Getty Images

From award-winning ribs to apple pie bacon, Pig of the Month BBQ knows how to make feast-worthy meats. The brand’s spiral sliced ham is no exception. The magic begins with the selection of mouth-wateringly tender marbled pork, which then gets brined with a mix of herbs including allspice, garlic, cloves, and juniper berry. Next, the succulent 8- to 12-pound hunk of meat gets smoked over a mix of fruit and hickory wood for a full 24 hours. Finally, the ham gets topped off with a sweet, gooey maple glaze before it’s shipped off ready to heat-and-eat to your Easter holiday table.

Snake River Farms Kurobuta Whole Bone-in Ham – $180

Snake River Farm ham
Snake River Farm

Just one look at the picture-perfect coloring and marbling on their Kurobuta Ham and you’ll understand why Snake River Farms products are used in Michelin-star kitchens all over the globe. Made from heritage breed Berkshire pigs, Snake River Farms’ ham is known for flavor so naturally delectable that it hardly even needs a pinch of salt. For the Easter holiday, pick up the Kurobuta Ham Starter Kit, which includes a bone-in, 8-plus-pound ham, a Snake River Farms apron, a step-by-step cooking a whole bone-in ham, which ranges from 14 pounds up to around 20.

Hickory Farms HoneyGold Spiral Sliced Ham – $80

Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms needs no introduction. The company has been synonymous with tasty holiday meats for over 65 years, so it should be no surprise to see their spiral sliced ham on this list. Their HoneyGold ham is slow cured with a dash of honey for that signature succulent sweetness. It comes fully cooked and spiral sliced, so just pop it in the oven with the included glaze mix and it’s perfect to throw on a roll for a hearty holiday sandwich or for scooping up creamy mash at your Easter dinner table.

The Honey Baked Ham Company Bone-In Half – $67-$87

Honey Baked Ham - Bone-In Half
Honey Baked Ham

Honey and ham are a match made in heaven, which is why Honey Baked Ham remains a go-to for holiday entrees. The fully-cooked, spiral sliced hams are roasted over hardwood chips for over 20 hours before being topped off with the irresistible crispy, syrupy glaze that helped them become a household name. The half-ham is available in 6- to 10-pound sizes that can serve up to 22 people, so everyone can indulge no matter the size of your Easter crowd.

D’Artagnan Berkshire Pork Bone-In Smoked Ham – $85

Berkshire Pork Bone-In Smoked Ham

If you’re looking to inject some Applewood-smoked deliciousness into your Easter feast, longtime gourmet meat specialist D’Artagnan has you covered. The Berkshire hogs used for the company’s beautiful hams are raised humanely and sustainably, with no antibiotics or hormones, so the meat you get is as clean as it is delicious. Before it reaches your Easter table, this ham gets smoked over real Applewood and topped off with the perfect elevating hit of salt and brown sugar. The result is a tender, hearty main course with just enough sweet smokiness to bring out the meat’s natural succulent flavor.

Tenderbelly Berkshire Spiral Cut Uncured Ham – $90

Tender Belly

Coming in at around 11 pounds, this 100% Berkshire ham is uncured and prepared with water, salt, turbinado sugar, and celery powder before being glazed with a mix of sugar, brown sugar, honey granules, and spices. The high amount of intramuscular fat marbling creates a delicious piece of ham that will be a showstopper for any and everyone present. The ham comes wrapped in foil, making it easy to pop in the oven, heat, and serve.

Edwards Virginia Smokehouse Boneless Petite Ham – $64

Cooked, Boneless Petite Country Ham
Edwards Virginia Smokehouse

Dry-cured and aged for a minimum of 90 days, this country ham is the perfect size for a small family. Rubbed with salt, brown sugar, and black pepper, this ham has the perfect amount of seasoning on the outside, which combines with the full flavor of country ham for a more savory main course than you might find with a honey-baked ham. While it is only 2-3 pounds, the ham will still feed up to 20 people.

Omaha Steaks Duroc Boneless Country Ham – $40

Omaha Steaks

While you may think that Omaha Steaks only has, well, steaks, you would be sorely mistaken, as their offerings of other animals are as delicious as their beef cuts. This boneless country ham is made from Duroc pigs, one of the oldest breeds of heritage pigs developed in the country. Coming in at around five pounds, this boneless country ham is enough to serve up to 10 people. It is cured and slow-smoked for up to eight hours, creating a delicious and juicy ham that is ready to go as soon as it’s thawed.

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