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Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Collaborates with Utah Cheese Maker

Cheese pairing has gone way beyond wine these days, with bourbon, tequila, and Scotch all comprised of different expressions that complement the flavors of various types of cheese in unique ways. Basil Hayden’s Bourbon, part of the Jim Beam Small Batch collection, has taken this one step further by collaborating on a new cheese with Utah cheese maker Beehive Cheese.

Basil Haydens x Beehive
Basil Hayden's

The new addition to the lineup is called Pour Me a Slice, a semi-firm, Jersey cow’s milk cheese that has been infused with Basil Hayden’s. The process involves actually soaking the cheese for a period of time in bourbon to infuse it with the sweetness and slight spice of the high rye whiskey, while not altering the creamy texture of the cheese. “Our goal is to craft cheeses that bring people together through their elevated, artisanal flavor,” said Pat Ford, co-founder of Beehive Cheese, in a prepared statement. “We’re excited to partner with Basil Hayden’s because the trademark spice of this bourbon adds a really unique flavor to the cheese.”

Ford is certainly an expert in the art of making cheese, having worked at the craft since founding Beehive nearly 20 years ago in 2005. But he does not actually drink alcohol, which meant he had to rely on his partners and the people at Beam to help out with creating the flavor profile of this new cheese. “Just like everything at Beehive, we use teamwork,” Ford told The Manual. “The process of developing a new cheese is simple and involves enlisting our trusted ‘Taste Rangers.’ One of our strongest Rangers is Beehive Cheese co-founder, Tim Welsh, as he has an incredible palate. Once we determined that Basil Hayden’s Bourbon had the perfect flavor profile to complement our sweet and creamy Utah cheddar, we got to work determining the perfect recipe and aging strategy.” He goes on to say that Beehive worked with Beam Suntory to ensure that the same tasting notes which are found in Basil Hayden’s appeared in the cheese as well.

Pour Me a Slice can be purchased here starting at $4.95 for a four-ounce wedge.

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