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How to Register for a 2021 Virtual Turkey Trot

Turkey trot race.

Whether you’re wary of gathering in large crowds or simply want the ultimate convenience when it comes to running and racing, you can still participate in the increasingly popular healthy tradition of running a Turkey Trot Race this Thanksgiving. There are also quite a few virtual marathons to choose from, each of which allows you to run anywhere you choose to run, at whatever time within a certain range of dates.

A virtual Turkey Trot is a great way to kick off the holiday morning, getting active and burning calories before enjoying the bountiful feast. Depending on which race you choose, you can walk, jog, or run a range of distances on any road or trail that works for you. Most also reward your efforts with a swag bag and a fun finisher’s medal. Keep reading to find out how to register for a 2021 virtual Turkey Trot to start a new holiday tradition this year.

What Is a Virtual Turkey Trot?

A virtual Turkey Trot is a race you can complete anywhere in the world on or around Thanksgiving Day. You may walk, jog, or run, and distances range anywhere from 1 mile to a full 26.2-mile marathon, depending on the race you register for. Though you can run anywhere, if you want to be able to log your results with the race, some of the national virtual Turkey Trots prefer you use a GPS tracker or designated race app to record your route and time, so a treadmill may not work for all virtual races.

What Will I Get for Running a 2021 Virtual Turkey Trot?

Aside from the health benefits of working out and getting your heart pumping, most virtual Turkey Trots reward participants with a goodie bag. The contents of the goodie bag, or swag, range from t-shirts, medals, jackets, or all of the above!

How Do I Register for a 2021 Virtual Turkey Trot?

You will need to register directly with each event. There are several national 2021 Virtual Turkey Trots. Here are some of the best ones to consider this year:

America’s Turkey Trot

A collaboration with Men’s Health & Women’s Health, America’s Turkey Trot offers a virtual 1-miler, 5k, or 10k. Just for signing up, you’ll be rewarded with a super soft, comfortable, America’s Turkey Trot quarter-zip fleece jacket and finisher’s medal. You can complete your chosen distance any time between November 22 and November 26, 2021. That said, if you want to earn your free, downloadable finisher’s certificate, you must log your results online by the end of the day on Thanksgiving, November 25, 2021. Though the race organizers encourage you to upload your results via GPS data, participation and results are on the honor system, so you can run or walk on a treadmill or with a basic watch and simply log your time online. You also don’t need to log your results to receive your medal and swag; it’s only for earning your finisher’s certificate.

Marine Corps Marathon Virtual Turkey Trot 10k

The famous Marine Corps Marathon as a virtual 2021 Turkey Trot 10K is an accessible way for anyone to get in on the fun of this beloved event. The only available distance is 10k, though you can run or walk. Of note, even though this is considered a Virtual Turkey Trot 10K, you must complete your 10k between November 6, 2021 and November 21, 2021, which is well before Thanksgiving. After registering, you’ll be mailed a swag bag with a participant shirt, finisher medal, and commemorative 2021 bib. You may run or walk anywhere, and can submit GPS results or a screenshot of your watch or treadmill display. After doing so, you’ll be able to download your finisher’s certificate. Your data must include evidence of the distance.

Virtual Turkey Trot Marathon

A bit of a misnomer, the Virtual Turkey Trot Marathon allows you to run a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or marathon for your virtual Turkey Trot. There are numerous packet options, ranging from basic downloadable medals to premium packets that even include a souvenir from where you ran. They have fun options like a virtual runner pen pal, training programs, and custom digital backdrops for a finisher’s photo. You can complete your event anytime between Thursday November 25, 2021 and Monday December 27, 2021, which is a great option for those busy on and around the holiday.

Run Across America’s Virtual Turkey Trot

Among their compendium of numerous virtual races year round, Run Across America offers a virtual 5k Turkey Trot. Participants get to choose between receiving a long-sleeved shirt or a beanie upon registering for the event. Moreover, registration earns you entry into the entire Holiday Hustle season in the Run Across America app. This includes the following:

  • Turkey Trot Classic 5K run/walk from 11/21 through 11/27
  • Hanukkah Hike 2K run/walk/hike from 11/28 through 12/5
  • Christmas Chase Classic 5K run/walk from 12/22 through 12/25
  • Kwanzaa Quest 100 minutes of total activity from 12/26 to 12/3

You must download and use the free app to show your completion.

America’s Turkey Trot

Yet another race called America’s Turkey Trot, this America’s Turkey Trot benefits World Central Kitchen. Last year, the event raised over $20,000 for this excellent charity working to put an end to world hunger. All participants receive a long-sleeve hoodie, 3-piece spinning finisher medal, a custom race bib, and race gloves (while supplies last). Though the race organizers encourage you to run on Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, November 25, 2021, you can complete your run anytime between November 1-30, 2021. They have a free app to help you track your run, though you can also use your own GPS watch if you prefer. Register here.

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