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The Best Swimming Goggles of 2021

Swimming is one of the most effective full-body workouts that we know of. It’s very low impact on your joints, plus it’s a great way to exercise while social distancing. Swimming is accessible to people from all age groups, making it a sport that gives lasting benefits no matter the stage in life. Regardless of the specific variety of swimming — competitive, long-distance, or simply checking out one of the best swimming holes in the U.S., the addition of a good pair of swim goggles can definitely improve the experience. Here are our picks for the best swimming goggles of 2021.

Best Competition Goggles: Speedo Fastskin3 Elite

Developed to work as part of a hydrodynamically optimized system with the Fastskin Cap, the Fastskin Elite goggle will help you achieve your best lap times. The hydroscopic lens shape reduces drag and increases peripheral vision underwater. Eliminate dangling strap ends with the fully-integrated one-piece IQ Fit strap system. With a 3D goggle seal, these are designed to better accommodate real-world head and face contours.

Best Recreational Goggles: Speedo Vanquisher 2.0

If you aren’t in search of extreme performance every time you swim, and just like to knock out a few laps after work some days, the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 is a good choice. Included in the package are four interchangeable nosepieces so you can dial in the fit. The elastic strap is easily adjustable and low-drag. The lenses are both anti-fog and UVA/UVB blocking, for comfort and safety. Most importantly, though, the Vanquisher is offered at a price point that provides an ideal mix of performance and value.

Best Swim Mask: TYR Rogue

Despite the advancements in materials and fit, it can still sometimes feel a bit weird to wear traditionally shaped twin-cup swim goggles. TYR’s Rogue mask addresses this by incorporating a single-piece silicone gasket that covers the entire upper half of your face. Think: skiing goggles, but meant for swimming. With a low-profile design, these will work well for recreational lap swimming. However, they’re also versatile enough to accompany you on some of your pool-free swim adventures.

Best Snorkel Mask: Aqua Lung Reveal X2

Snorkeling in tropical areas and getting a firsthand look at the unique aquatic life should be on every man’s bucket list. Sure, there are places that offer weekly rentals of snorkel gear, but why not travel with your own top-quality mask? The Aqua Lung Reveal X2 features a modern, wraparound fit that is molded from a new grade of soft silicone. Advanced Fit Technology adapts to different face shapes and sizes. Quick Fit buckles offer one-touch adjustability. Most importantly, the strap incorporates a wide, spherical design for a perfect, comfortable fit.

Best Dive Mask with Ear Protection: Joe Diver Pro Ear

When diving, it is critical to occasionally equalize the pressure in your ears by performing one of a few different types of maneuvers to open your eustachian tubes. This helps you to adapt to the increasing water pressure as you descend. However, some people find this hard or even impossible. The Pro Ear Diving Mask from Joe Diver aims to solve the problem by incorporating plastic cups over the ears. These seal against your head, and prevent water pressure from affecting your comfort as you dive.

Best Full-Face Snorkel Mask: U.S. Divers AirGo Purge LX

Holding a traditional snorkel in your mouth can get tiring after a while. Integrated full-face + snorkel masks, such as the U.S. Divers AirGo Purge LX, eliminate this issue. This mask covers the diver’s entire face and jaw, so there’s no need for separate goggles and snorkel. The AirGo system separates incoming fresh air from exhaled CO2 to eliminate rebreathing and keep you safe while underwater.

Best Prescription Swim Goggle: Dr. B Barracuda RX Swim Goggle

With numerous prescription strengths available, the Barracuda RX Goggles from Dr. B make it easy to see as well under the water as you do out of the water. They feature 3 interchangeable nosepieces for a customizable fit, a soft gasket for comfort, and an easily adjustable strap.

Best Kids Goggles: Speedo Skoogles

Interested in introducing your kids to the life aquatic? Make sure they have an enjoyable initial experience with the Speedo Skoogle. With a leak-free, anti-fog design, these goggles make it easy to spend hours swimming. The included UV protection is a key safety feature for families that spend a lot of time swimming outside. Most importantly, the Skoogle is available in a few different colors so it’s easy for kids to identify which goggles are theirs.

Best Triathlon Goggles: Aqua Sphere Kayenne

The demands of triathlon racing or open-water swimming are tough for eyewear. Goggles used for these pursuits must offer a large field of view, a comfortable, effective seal, 100% UVA/UVB sun protection, anti-fog technology, and multiple lens tint choices. The Kayenne from Aqua Sphere meets all of these criteria handily. Offering high levels of comfort, performance, and visibility, these are the goggles you want to be wearing during your next 2.4-mile open-water swim.

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