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Now’s a great time to do a DNA test

A 23andMe DNA Testing Kit on a table.

Have you ever wondered about your family history and family tree, like who’s in it, and what they accomplished? Are you curious if you have any long-lost relatives out there? Do you want to know about personal traits that have been carried down through your genes? Want to know about your health and have the information updated in your FDA-authorized health reports? All of these things are possible with a 23andMe DNA test, believe it or not. They can tell you a lot about yourself, your lineage, and your potential health milestones — maybe something runs in your family you didn’t know about?

Whatever the case, DNA tests can be pretty expensive that’s why we wanted to call out Amazon’s current 23andMe DNA test deals. You can choose between a few different services from $83 and up — normally $99 and up. If you get the base package you’re saving about $16, even more, if you decide on a premium package. Either way now’s a great time to shop.

Why you should shop these 23andMe DNA test deals

Depending on the package you choose, yes there are different options, you will learn a host of information about yourself, your lineage, and your health. The premium bundle, for example, includes a year’s access to exclusive reports with full health information to help you lose weight, stay healthy, get meaningful insights, and much more. Normally $229, that is $208 right now, saving you over $20. Another bundle, which allows you to learn about is just $160, down from $199, saving you nearly $40. They don’t go on sale often, making this a fantastic time to jump in and start testing.

As for why you would want to, the answer is simple, and it’s to learn more about yourself and your history. A DNA test will give you insight into where your family originates from, what kind of nationality or origins run in your blood, who your ancestors are and what they did, and much, much more.

But also, DNA tests can reveal a lot about your familial health. Because certain genes are passed down from family to family, you’ll learn all about diseases and complications that might run in your genes, health abnormalities, histories, and lots of different details that could help you better understand your health journey. You can learn lots of different things, like there are rules for gut health worth considering, food that could well be ruining your skin and you should be avoiding, and ancestral mental health awareness details that can give you insights into your mental and emotional experiences.

Thanks to this sale, now’s the perfect time to get a DNA test at a reduced price — they can be quite expensive. Starting with the base bundle at $83, to the most expensive Premium bundle at $208, you’re saving anywhere from $16 to nearly $40. Of course, what you gain from the information is much more valuable than a monetary cost. It could very well change your life, and that’s not an exaggeration.

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