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Save $100 on this 23andMe DNA Test Kit for Black Friday, Today

Have you ever been curious about whether you’re descended from kings and queens, lords and ladies, or perhaps somebody famous? The 23andMe DNA test kit is just the way to find out wherever you may have come from, as well as to get a better grip on your health. It’s on sale at Amazon right now for $99, a $100 discount from its regular price of $199. Dive into the adventures of ancestry and health by grabbing a 23andMe DNA test kit while this offer from Amazon lasts.

The 23andMe DNA test kit brings your entire family tree into your home. You can utilize included access to ancestry reports and a DNA relative finder to research and better understand who came before you in your family, and to adventure through all of the ins and outs of your family story. The 23andMe DNA test kit includes an automatic family tree builder, complete with traits reports, bringing real science and real genetic insights right to your mobile device.

But DNA test kits aren’t just for archaeologists, Jurassic Park scientists, and the ancestrally curious. In fact, the 23andMe DNA test kit is as much a health tool as anything, offering a range of health features that can educate you on what risks your genetic makeup may pose for you. The 23andMe DNA test kit includes health predisposition reports, wellness reports, and a family health history tree, allowing you to know your genes, and discover how your DNA may influence your health.

There are a lot of DNA test kits and health tracking products out there, but the 23andMe DNA test kit is a must-purchase with this early Black Friday discount. Amazon is currently marking the 23andMe DNA test kit down to $99 from its regular price of $199, a savings of $100. Start building your family tree, or building a healthier lifestyle, by heading over to Amazon now.

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