Your Package Will Love MyPakage

mypackage boxers

If this world made any sense, men would ride sidesaddle, magnets wouldn’t defy gravity, and we’d be incredibly picky about our underwear.

Given its function and location, we should be exacting about our unmentionables and MyPakage agrees.

MyPakage underwear is made of 95% Modal, a type of Rayon that’s softer, more breathable, and more absorbent than cotton. Imagine if the softest cotton in the world was mixed with the silkiest silk– it feels like something along those lines. But they didn’t stop at just fabric on the quest for eliminating every terrible thing about skivvies: the drawers resist pilling and wrinkles, the waistband is an inch thick and roll-resistant, and the seamless tag prevents itching and scratching from annoying seams. Speaking of seams: MyPakage has managed to entirely remove irritating, uncomfortable seams from more delicate areas with what they call a “Pucker Panel,” and the hand-stitched flat-lock seams are so soft you will shudder at the idea of ever subjecting your nether regions to seams again.


But, perhaps the most exciting design element is their patented Keyhole Comfort Technology. This keyhole within the shorts supports and keeps everything exactly where it should be, eliminating the need for covert adjustments throughout the day. All of this careful design and innovative technology translates in some of the most comfortable, best fitting underwear you’ll find.

Pick between Weekday and Weekend collections: the main differences between them are fabrics and length. Weekday underwear gives you the choice of a 3.5” or 6.5” trunk length; the Weekend collection comes only in the 6.5” length. The Weekend briefs are made with “heavier, more luxurious fabric” for your luxurious weekend luxuriating. You get a silk waistband on the weekends, but hey, whip that pair out for your Monday morning presentation if you want! 


They’ve even applied this technology where it’s probably most badly needed: active wear. MyPakage offers boxer briefs, even layerable leggings and tops made of Merino wool, perfect for you crazy kids who exercise even when it’s cold. The Action Series is amazing at wicking away moisture and drying quickly. If you’re worried all this technology and fancy-fabric means they’re a pain in the ass to wash, think again. Throw them in a cold wash and tumble dry.

black mypackage shorts

My gentleman caller has been a devoted J. Crew boxer man most of his life, but one pair of MyPakage shorts changed that. He’s amazed he ever lived without the Keyhole Comfort Technology.

These puppies come with a satisfaction guarantee– if you and your boys aren’t completely happy (and you have two whole weeks to make this determination) return it for a refund. We’re willing to bet you’ll be buying more pairs though…