Worn Out Wednesdays: Billy Farrell

You know you are somebody when Billy Farrell snaps your photo. You know you are really somebody if he doesn’t ask for your name. But social climbing aside, Billy is one of the most down to earth and hysterical men in the fashion industry. He started his own photo agency, BFA,  back in 2010 with partners Neil Rasmus, Joe Schildhorn and David X Prutting and covers every big cheese shindig in New York, LA and pretty much anywhere in the world people hire his staff to go.  When we spoke he was boarding a plane to Los Angeles before heading to Venice, Hong Kong, Morocco and Istanbul later this summer.  Not bad for a boy from North Carolina who started off at a chocolate shop as a ‘fudge master’ (we will never let you forget that one Mr. Farrell).

We asked Billy what he wears on and off the job and here is what he had to say. We appreciate his simplicity in wardrobe. It just goes to show, you can stick with a select few brands and items and still always look sharp.

I am a uniform kind of guy. Since I am at numerous events all over town every night working I need something easy that I don’t have to think about. I wear a black Calvin Klein V-neck t-shirt and a Calvin blazer on top of that. I wear Calvin because it’s a great fit and black works anywhere. For pants I am a huge Diesel fan. I wear the Viker because they have a great straight leg without being too skinny.  As for shoes I always rock Cole Haan’s. First of all they have so many amazing styles and secondly the Nike Air soles are perfect for someone like me who is always on their feet. It’s the best of both worlds.

When I am not working I tend to favor Brooks Brothers wrinkle free button downs. They fit me well since I am a bigger guy. They also work well for traveling. No need to travel with an iron!

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