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Timex debuts its first foray into activity tracking tech with the Metropolitan+

timex launches activity tracking fashion watch tw2p81700 metropolitan  leather strap

These days, technologically advanced watches and timepieces are all the rage, with more and more people opting for these revolutionary pieces of hardware over traditional models. Understanding this for the budding trend it is, the Middlebury, Connecticut-based watch manufacturing company Timex recently decided to join in on the fun by introducing the Metropolitan+. Timex’s Metropolitan+, a men’s fashion watch boasting activity tracking technology, serves as one of the company’s flagship items in its newly minted Connected Style Collection.

When designing the watch, Timex aimed to create a timepiece which served as both a functional addition to someone’s daily attire without sacrificing style. Its intent was to provide a product men could use at the office or the gym without having to fumble around with a variety of accessories. Because of this, Timex offers the Metropolitan+ with either a premium leather, orange nylon, or black silicone strap. For those who opt for all three, the watch features quick-release strap functionality, making it extremely easy to swap bands quickly while on-the-go.


“In the fast-paced world we live in, today’s active man works hard and plays hard, and he doesn’t want to sacrifice style for technical features or vice versa,” CMO of Timex Group USA Shawn Lawson Cummings says. “We recognized a void in the marketplace for fashionable, functional activity trackers that keep guys connected. The Timex Metropolitan+ watch can be effortlessly integrated into the dynamic, everyday lifestyles of our male consumers.”

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By utilizing Bluetooth technology, wearers of the Metropolitan+ have the ability to connect their watch with a downloaded activity tracking app via a smartphone. The application counts steps, distance traveled, and calories burned each day, presenting it in an easy to read interface within the program. Users even have the ability check their stats directly on the watch face itself when checking their phone isn’t feasible. Moreover, the watch itself doesn’t require constant charging, tracking and sending activity stats all day without interruption.

For a classy looking watch which possesses the ability to conform to your active lifestyle, look no further than Timex’s Metropolitan+. For years, Timex has cemented itself as one of the premier watch manufacturers and purveyors in the world. Its recent move into the 21st Century with the activity tracking Metropolitan+ shows it continues to operate at the top of its game.

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