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Thursday Boots is ready for the spring, are you?

It’s hard to go wrong with a chukka boot for the spring. The classic look balances sturdy construction, simple design, and supreme comfort, and even leaves some room for creativity, which is where Thursday boots steps in. The Scout boots are firmly planted in the classic chukka style, while still finding a bit of room to stretch out a bit.

The creativity is seen in two places, the first of which is the beautiful suede upper. While fuzzy suede isn’t an unusual choice for a chukka, the suede found on the Scouts is particularly nappy. This lends it a more natural look, and a more flexible, comfortable fit.

But what really stands out are the outsoles. Unlike some chukka boots that are meant strictly for the office, the Scouts have heavy, rubber lugged outsoles. They won’t lose grip in the rain, or give up when things get a little muddy. That doesn’t mean compromising on looks though, and the Scout’s light upper is offset by the dark finish on the cork heels, a beautiful touch that stands out just enough.

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I want to stop for just a moment on the laces. While some brands may opt for flat laces, or braided affairs, the only real option for a chukka, in my mind, is a round, waxed lace. It’s particularly important for the style, which typically just boasts two loops, and needs something with a little friction to keep the boots from sliding off your feet.

All in all, the Thursday Boots Scouts are an incredibly attractive, sturdy, and comfortable pair of chukkas. Perhaps even more appealing is the price, rolling in at $149, a very reasonable price point for a high quality pair of boots like the Scouts. They’re in near-constant supply too, so no chasing down the last pair or hunting around online.

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