TGIF Shopping: MTailor

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Until recently you had to leave your house to have the experience of a tailored suit or shirt. But as the tech world has started a heavy descent into fashion you now can have shirt made from the comfort of your home with your iPhone or iPad. MTailor a new startup founded by Stanford graduates, Miles Penn and Rafi Witten, uses image-processing technology to bring this service to the palm of your hand. While it won’t take away the quality of a good tailor it offers a pretty neat option for a fraction of the cost. They have more than 50 fabric options and the shirts start at $69 a very nice price point for a custom shirt. They also guarantee that if you don’t like it they will remake it for free or provide a full refund.

Here’s how it works:

  • First you download the app for iPhone or iPad Design your shirt including fabric, collar and cuff.
  • Put your device on floor (At least 10 feet away) so that it can see your whole frame.
  • Make one spin so it can measure you.
  • Order the shirt once it has measured your dimensions.
Putting Device Down 1           10 Feet Away

The app uses machine learning technology and mathematical algorithms to create a full 3D model of you from your outline. And according to MTailor the app is more accurate then regular tailors. They ran an experiment in which they tested regular tailors against the app just to see what would happen. On average the app was 20 percent more accurate. While that numbers don’t lie we still love the experience of going to a real tailor to experience the art of if it all. The two founders, who left their first jobs at Goldman Sachs and Google, plan on expanding their offerings to other clothing and even women’s wear. Download the app and let us know how it goes. Tag us @themanualstyle and @Mtailor