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TGIF Shopping ( & Giveaway!) Ball and Buck Launches Denim

You’ve been relying on them for outwear, dopp kits, leather coasters, fishing nets, and yes even shotguns, since Ball and Buck was founded in 2008. Now, the all-American company “born and bred with red, white, and blue running through our veins,” is introducing denim to the fold.

After fine tuning the perfect fit in pants, Ball and Buck decided it was finally time to offer the 6 Point Pant in denim.

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So why now? According to Ball and Buck CEO Mark Bollman, it was always part of the long-term product strategy. “This is the same way we develop all the products we sell – start by building the highest quality products in the world, then take them into the to field and beat the shit out of them,” he explains. “It’s only after they have exceeded our high expectations of quality do we go into production and offer them to our customers.”

Like everything from the men’s wear brand, the denim is sourced from North Carolina’s Cone Mills, where it’s woven on shuttle looms to produce two unique denims: Selvage and Distilled Indigo.

Both denims features camo pockets and shotgun shell rivets

“A couple of the details that make me the most excited is our fit, which doesn’t have the “denim diaper, extra material that sags beneath your behind,” says Bollman. “Also we we’re fed up with our jeans coming apart at the seat seam, so we’ve reinforced that seam for added strength and durability.

As for what’s next: “More fits, more denim weights, and unique material qualities, plus an up cycling denim program.”

Available now at and in store ($188 for Distilled Indigo; $218 for Selvage).

For our readers the B&B team is offering up one free pair to one lucky gent. Simply enter below and dare to dream. Giveaway ends December 25th.

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